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My ancestors - O'Rahilly - Contents



Tomies on 1829 to 1842 map.

---- Moynihan,
a farmer's son,
[P102/207(3)] says he was of "Knockanerebul, a townland 4 miles east of Killarney",
however this is unidentified (the only similar name is Knockacappul, Kilcummin par, near Stagmount, see map),
[King, 1910] says he was Moynihan of Knockdurath,

mar (dau) O'Rahilly [born est c.1700, dau of the poet],
[P102/207(3)] says that soon after marriage he got the job of gamekeeper at Tomies to Mr. Herbert of Muckross,
they lived Tomies, Aghadoe par, Co.Kerry (W side of Lakes of Killarney, see map),
the poet died at his dau's house at Tomies, est c.1730,
had issue:

  1. (son) Moynihan,
    [P102/207(3)] says he left Tomies and lived at Ross Island, Killarney par, EC side of Lough Leane (see map),
    and says he is father of (but more likely grandfather of):

    1. Denis Moynihan,
      "Denny Moynihan" [P102/207(3)],
      born 1799, according to age on death cert and obituary in 1896 (he was very old, but this age likely an exaggeration),
      born 1813, according to age at immigration to Australia in 1869 (age likely an underestimate, because he was rather older than an immigrant should be),
      most likely born c.1805,
      probably the Denis bapt 18 Mar 1806 below,
      born "Killarney" according to Australian death cert (could mean Killarney area),
      of Derrycunihy, Killarney parish,
      emigrated to Australia.

  2. other issue, Moynihan,
    lived at Ross Island.

The descent of Denis Moynihan from the poet


Extract from Michael Warren's letter of 1906 [P102/207(3)].

Extract from [King, 1910]. See full size.

Extract from [King, 1931]. See full size.


The Maurice Moynihan family

Our family looks very much like the following family, with our Denis Moynihan then bapt 18 Mar 1806.
Note that our Denis' eldest son is Maurice.
Also, the sponsors of the baptisms of our Denis' children largely match the siblings here.

Maurice Moynihan holding 15 acres at "Reene" in one book of [Tithe Survey, 1823-37].


Maurice Moynihan holding 15 acres at "Reen" in other book of [Tithe Survey, 1823-37].

The following is an interesting baptism in Tralee.
If the following is a mis-reading of "Spillane", then Maurice and Margaret seem to have married (in Killarney) just days before their first child was baptised (in Tralee):


Other Moynihans in the Killarney area

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