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My ancestors - O'Rahilly - Contents

Sheehan of Maulykeavane, Co.Kerry


Extract from Michael Warren's letter of 1906 [P102/207(4)].
He meets Julia Sheehan and she recalls her uncle Michael Rahilly, son of Conn.

Michael Sheehan.
He is listed as of "Knockacappuil" at mar (would be Knockacappul, Kilcummin par, see map).
He mar 10 July 1852 to Julia Rahilly [bapt 5 Apr 1826].
They were NOT 1st cousins. This was a misreading of [P102/207(6)], which says he is a cousin of Michael Warren.
He was farmer at Maulykeavane, Kilcummin par (see map and map).
They are listed as of Maulykeavane at children's bapts 1853-64.

She must be Julia Sheehan who is listed at Maulykeavane in 1901 census, widow, age 77 (born 1824), with an unmarried dau Bridget, age 40 (born 1861).
The census lists Julia as illiterate ("cannot read"), while Bridget is listed as "read" only (not write). This would be surprising if this is her, given the family tree information she had (see below), but it could be an entirely oral tradition. Also note she did not write to The O'Rahilly herself. Rather Michael Warren interviewed her and wrote to The O'Rahilly.
Julia was alive in 1906.
She provided Michael Warren with core information on family tree for The O'Rahilly's research.
Warren visited her in 1906 to get information. See [P102/207(4)] and [P102/207(6)].

She must be Julia Sheehan who died Maulykeavane, 10 Dec 1910, age 84 (born 1826) [GROI], "widow of a farmer", death reported by grandson Dan Carroll.
Michael and Julia had issue:

  1. Dermot Sheehan,
    bapt 18 May 1853 [Rathmore RC par records], sp John Sheehan and Mary Donohoe.

  2. Bridget Sheehan,
    bapt 3 February 1855 [Rathmore RC par records], sp Jeremiah Sheehan and Ellen Leary.

    In 1911 census, Bridget seems to be a middle-aged "domestic servant" ("cannot read") in house of (her sister) Julia Sheehan and Michael Carroll.

  3. Julia Sheehan,
    bapt 29 May 1860 [Rathmore RC par records], sp William Sheehan and Ellen Rahilly.

    She must be same as:

    Julia Sheehan,
    born 1861 or 1862, Co.Kerry,
    dau of Michael Sheehan, farmer,
    she is listed at mar as farmer, of [illegible, looks a bit like "Gibraltar"],
    mar 9 Feb 1888, Rathmore RC church [GROI] to Michael Carroll [born 1858 or 1862, Co.Kerry, son of David Carroll, farmer],
    he is listed at mar as farmer, of Lyreatouig, beside Maulykeavane (see map),
    mar wit by Mary Sheehan and Patrick Sheehan,
    they are listed as of Maulykeavane at children's bapts 1890-95, he is "farmer",
    one reading of son's bapt 1891 says "Gibraltar", (todo) see original,
    they are listed at Maulykeavane in 1901 census, he is farmer, they have 2 teenage servants called Spillane (one farm servant, one domestic servant),
    they are listed at Maulykeavane in 1911 census, he is farmer, they have 2 "servants" who look like middle-aged relatives (John Sheehan, Bridget Sheehan),
    had issue:

    1. David Carroll,
      listed as "Davit" in 1911 census,
      born Co.Kerry, bapt 22 March 1890 [Rathmore RC par records],
      living Maulykeavane in 1911 census.

    2. Cornelius Carroll,
      bapt 31 December 1891 [Rathmore RC par records],
      apparently died pre-1901 (not in census), definitely died pre-1911.

    3. Daniel Carroll,
      Dan, born Co.Kerry, bapt 1 February 1894 [Rathmore RC par records],
      reported his grandmother Julia's death 1910, he was present at death, living Maulykeavane,
      living Maulykeavane in 1911 census.

    4. Margaret Carroll,
      bapt 30 September 1895 [Rathmore RC par records],
      died in 1901-1911.

  4. William Sheehan,
    bapt 27 January 1864 [Rathmore RC par records], sp Patrick Sheehan and Bridget Reardon.

Maulykeavane on 1829 to 1842 map.

The other Julia Sheehan at Maulykeavane

Confusingly, there is another Mrs. Julia Sheehan of similar age at Maulykeavane:

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