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Our common ancestors - English Royal family - Contents

Henry I (Beauclerc)

Henry I and his queen Matilda.
From the W front of Rochester Cathedral.
From A Student's History of England by Samuel Rawson Gardiner (1916). See here.
Originally from Hollis's Monumental Effigies.

Henry I (Beauclerc) (see here and here),
had affair with Edith and had illegitimate issue:

  1. Maud, born 1086, mar Rotrou the Great, Count of Perche and had issue [according to [Weis, 1992, Ancestral], but the Web genealogy disagrees]:

    1. Matilda de La Perche, born 1105, had issue:
      1. Marguerite de Turenne, mar William IV Taillefer, Count of Angouleme and had issue.

had affair and had illegitimate issue:

  1. Robert de Caen, Earl of Gloucester, born c.1090, had issue:
    1. Maud FitzRobert, had issue:

      1. Hugh, Earl of Chester,
        mar and had issue:
        1. Matilda de Keveliock, mar David, Earl of Huntingdon and had issue.
        2. Agnes de Keveliock, mar 1192 to William de Ferrers, Earl of Derby and had issue.

reigned 1100-35,
mar 1100 to Matilda of Scotland [descendant of Edmund II (Ironside) and of Charlemagne],
she died 1118, bur Chapel of Edward the Confessor, Westminster Abbey (grave not marked),
he died 1135, bur Reading Abbey (now a ruin, no trace of his tomb),
there is an ongoing search for his grave at Reading,
had issue by his wife:

  1. Matilda the Empress (see here),
    mar Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou and had issue.

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