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Our common ancestors - English Royal family - Contents

The English Royal family

This is (as explained here and here) not much more than just an extended Ancestors Chart for myself and my wife, included only to provide continuity with my later pages.

I do not research the genealogy of the English Royal family (and have no plans to ever research it). Mostly I link to other people's work, notably the work of Brian Tompsett.

The limits of western genealogies

All the old Western lines really form one vast Western family tree. How far back this tree can be taken is still a matter under investigation.

Coin of Romulus Augustus, the last Western Roman Emperor (deposed 476 AD).
Coin sold at auction 2004. From here.

The English Royal line

The Romans left Britain by 410 AD.
Cerdic, first King of the West Saxons (see here), who arrived in Britain 495 AD, is generally accepted as the historical start of the British Royal line in England.
His descent from Woden and then from Bedwig is regarded as legend.

We begin the English Royal line with the Norman invaders of England (1066) and Ireland (1169):

Eystein, Jarl of the Uplanders, of Norway, born 788 AD, had issue:

Ragnvald Eysteinsson, had issue:

Rolf the Ganger, 1st Duke of Normandy (also here), born 846, had issue:

William I Longsword, 2nd Duke of Normandy, had affair with Adela [descendant of Charlemagne] and had issue:

Richard, 3rd Duke of Normandy, born 933, had issue:

  1. Richard, 4th Duke of Normandy, had issue:
    1. Robert the Devil, 6th Duke of Normandy, had affair with Harlotte of Falaise [tanner's daughter, the original Harlot] and had issue:
      1. William the Conqueror.

  2. Godfrey, had issue:
    1. Gilbert, Count of Brionne, had issue:
      1. Richard FitzGilbert de Clare, born 1035.

  3. William, Count of Eu, had issue:
    1. Robert, Count of Eu, had issue:
      1. William Hastings, Count of Eu.

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