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My wife's ancestors - Skene - Contents

Alexander Skene, 11th Laird of Skene

Arms of Irvine, Laird of Drum, at Skene House.
3 garbs, each of 3 holly leaves bound. 2 holly trees.
Motto: "Color et Fides et Perennis".
Margaret Skene, dau of the 13th Laird of Skene below, married Robert Irvine, son of the 8th Laird of Drum.
Photo 1994. Picture courtesy of Judith Campbell. See full size.
Seems to be another, unidentified coat of arms above it.

Alexander Skene, 11th Laird of Skene, born 1517, succ 1517,
died 1604, age 87 yrs,
had issue:

James Skene, 12th Laird of Skene,
succ 1604, died 1605,
had issue:

Alexander Skene,
he died in lifetime of both his father and grandfather, pre-1599,
had issue:

Alexander Skene, 13th Laird of Skene, born c.1590, succ 1605,
mar Janet Burnett,
there are portraits of him and his wife by George Jamesone in Crathes Castle,
died 1634,
had issue:

James Skene, 14th Laird of Skene,
succ 1634, died 1656,
had issue:

John Skene, 15th Laird of Skene,
succ 1656, died 1680,
had issue:

Alexander Skene, 16th Laird of Skene, born 1663 or 1664, succ 1680,
first major extension to Skene House dates from 1680,
mar [contract 1690] to Giles Ædie [bapt 1st Feb 1674],
their joint arms are inside Skene House, date 1692,
he died at Skene, 20th Jan 1724, age 60 or 61 yrs,
she died Aberdeen, 6th Nov 1750, age 76 yrs, death notice in [Aberdeen Journal, 6 Nov],
had issue:

  1. George Skene, 17th Laird of Skene,
    bapt 25th Feb 1695 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen],
    succ 1724, second major extension to Skene House dates from 1745,
    died 1756, age 61 yrs, having had issue:

    1. George Skene, 18th Laird of Skene, succ 1756, died 1781, having had issue:

      1. George Skene, 19th Laird of Skene, succ 1781,
        died at Skene, 1825, having arranged to leave Skene to the Earl Fife.

      2. Alexander Skene, 20th (and last) Laird of Skene, deaf and dumb, succ 1825,
        died 1827. Skene went to the Earl Fife.

      3. Mary Skene, mar 1775 to Alexander Duff, 3rd Earl Fife and had issue.

  2. Catherine Skene, born est c.1698,
    mar 1718 to Alexander Russell of Moncoffer [born 1697] and had issue.

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