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Our common ancestors - Kings of Spain - Contents

The Kings of Spain

Alfonso VI, King of Leon and Castile (see here),
mar Constance of Burgundy [grand-dau of Robert II, King of France],
captured Toledo from the Moors 1085, and with it, one of the great Muslim libraries of works from the classical civilizations, that the Muslims had kept alive (and added considerably to) during the Dark Ages,
he arranged for the translation of these works into Latin, reintroducing them to Western Europe, this would ultimately lead to the Renaissance and the rise of science,
this moment could be seen as the beginning of the West's greatness, which continues today,
had issue:

Urraca of Castile (see here),
mar Raymond of Burgundy (see here) and had issue:

Alfonso VII, King of Leon and Castile (see here), had issue:

  1. Sancho III, King of Castile, mar Blanche of Navarre [descendant of "El Cid" (see here)] and had issue:

    1. Alfonso VIII, King of Castile, mar Eleanor Plantagenet [dau of Henry II] and had issue:

      1. Berengaria, Queen of Castile, mar Alfonso IX, King of Leon and had issue.

      2. Blanche of Castile, mar Louis VIII, King of France and had issue [ancestors of Kings of France].

  2. Ferdinand II, King of Leon.

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