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Our common ancestors - de Vere - Contents

"Oxfordian" theory

The idea (started in 1920) that Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford is the real author of Shakespeare's works is almost certainly nonsense, but it does provide the opportunity to see de Vere portrayed in fiction.

Disputing Shakespeare's authorship:

"Oxfordian" theory:

The movie Anonymous (2011)

The movie Anonymous (2011) portrays the 17th Earl of Oxford as Shakespeare. It provides the opportunity to see the following portrayed on screen:

The opportunity to see the above on screen is spoilt by the fact that the entire film seems to be fiction. It is hard to believe in a single scene. The film includes not only the Oxfordian theory (invented in 1920) but also the even more outlandish "Prince Tudor II theory" (invented in 2001).

In this ludicrous film:

  1. De Vere is the illegitimate son of Elizabeth I.
  2. De Vere and his own mother, Elizabeth I, have an affair.
  3. The 3rd Earl of Southampton is the illegitimate son of Elizabeth I and De Vere.
  4. The 2nd Earl of Essex is the illegitimate son of Elizabeth I.
  5. Elizabeth I executes her own son, Essex.
  6. De Vere writes the plays for reasons that make no sense, stays anonymous for reasons that make no sense, and other people keep this secret for reasons that make no sense.
  7. Shakespeare is illiterate.
  8. Shakespeare kills Christopher Marlowe to cover up the conspiracy.
  9. Surprisingly, Shakespeare is not also an illegitimate son of Elizabeth I.

Trailer for Anonymous.

Trailer for Anonymous.
See more trailers.

Jamie Campbell Bower playing the younger 17th Earl of Oxford in Anonymous.
See full size.

Rhys Ifans playing the older 17th Earl of Oxford in Anonymous.
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