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Things to do - Other old families

Things to do - Other old families


  1. Kings of France



  1. NLI Ms - Picture of Roper tomb.

  2. Burke's Royal descents
  3. Hereditary Genius, Francis Galton (eugenics), think has family trees of famous
  4. The Mountain of Names: A History of the Human Family, Alex Shoumatoff, [SOG] TB/DEM



  1. St. Werburgh's Church - Could Roper monument have been moved here?

  2. Barnewall - Drimnagh Castle
  3. St.Lawrence - Howth Castle and Church (tomb)

North Co.Dublin / Co.Meath / Co.Louth

  1. Gormanston Castle

  2. Barnewall - tomb at Lusk
  3. Dunsoghly
  4. Swords Castle
  5. Grace Dieu
  6. Turvey

  7. Plunkett - Louth Hall, Co.Louth
  8. Plunkett - Dunsany Castle and Killeen Castle, Co.Meath


  1. Ennis Abbey, Co.Clare - Tomb of King of Thomond. Also tomb of Earl of Thomond.

  2. Corcomroe Abbey, Co.Clare (near Galway border) - Tomb of King of Thomond.

  3. Carrick-on-Suir, Co.Tipperary - Ormond Castle


  1. Temple church
  2. de Vere - Hedingham Castle, Essex


  1. Stamford, Lincolnshire - Tomb of William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley
  2. Cambridge - Cecil - Burghley House, NW of Peterborough

  3. Wighill, Yorkshire - All Saints Church - Stapleton tombs - maybe none of ours

  4. Percy - Alnwick Castle, Northumberland
  5. Percy - Warkworth Castle, Northumberland
  6. Neville - Raby Castle, Durham
  7. Neville - Middleham Castle, North Yorkshire
  8. Parr - Kendal Castle (ruin), Cumbria

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