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My wife's ancestors - Day - Contents


George Aldis and Mabel Day.
From George Aldis. Used with permission.

Ernest Aldis,
Ernest Walter Aldis, born 1868,
mar Alice Earl [Alice Henwood Earl, born 1871],
had issue:

  1. George Aldis,
    George Mafeking Aldis, born 16 May 1900, Mayfair, London.
    His middle name comes from the fact that he was born in same week as the Relief of Mafeking, a decisive and widely-celebrated British victory in the Boer War.
    He served (as teenager) in Royal Flying Corps in WWI, receiving an injury for which he was decorated.
    He mar Mabel Day [born 22 July 1897].
    He was railway employee, and fireman in the London fire service during WW2.
    Mabel died 27 Nov 1943, Clapham, London, or Battersea, London, of pneumonia, age 46 yrs.
    She was bur 2 Dec 1943, Wandsworth Cemetery, grave no. 330, H.35.
    George died 25 Aug 1976, Wandsworth, London, age 76 yrs.
    George and Mabel had issue:

    1. George Aldis,
      researched family tree,
      mar Marion Tarbox,
      had issue:

      1. Simon Aldis, mar Sally Taylor.
      2. Maddy Aldis, mar Alan Evans.

George Mafeking Aldis (standing, LHS) with his brother and parents, 1949.
From George Aldis. Used with permission.


"This account by Mabel's only child is an attempt to piece together the various strands in her background and ancestry as a small tribute to her and to get to know her through this research in a way that was impossible in the few disturbed years that mother and child had together."
- George Aldis' tribute to his mother at the end of his family history.

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