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My wife's ancestors - Day - Contents

Charles John Day

Charles John Day,
born 10 Oct 1870, London.
Listed as "traveller" (commercial traveller) at mar.

He mar 26 Aug 1889, parish church of St Peter, Stepney, to Emily Morris [Emily Rebecca Morris, born Emma Rebecca, 22 Nov 1865, Littlebourne, Kent, dau of John Morris and Mary Jane Ellis].
He was dock labourer in the East End of London.
In 1891 census he is listed as "Gen. labourer dock", living 27 Kelland Road, S side of Plaistow, near West Ham (see map).
In 1901 census he is "Dock labourer", living 21 Florence Road, Plaistow, near West Ham, London (see map).
He is listed as "clerk" at dau's mar 1916.

Emily died 16 Oct 1936, of bronchial pneumonia, age 70 yrs, at the "Central Home" [the former West Ham workhouse at Leytonstone, London, where Charles Day had died], which was now a home for the chronic sick, aged and infirm.
Charles fl 1936, reported her death. He is listed as "commission agent" living 371 Romford Road, West Ham, London (see map).
Charles and Emily had issue:

  1. Daisy Day,
    Emily Daisy Day.
    She was born 8 Mar 1890, 16 Latimer St, Mile End Old Town, London. Think registered in Poplar district, London. Think not 6 Mar.
    She was bapt 14 June 1891, St. Andrew, Plaistow, Essex. See transcript.
    At mar she is living 7 Holborn Circus.
    She mar 12 June 1916, St.Andrew Holborn, London, to Alfred Stuart St.Clair Sullivan [born 1884].
    See mar cert from here.
    At mar he is a porter, living 138 Shirland Road, Paddington.
    At child's birth 1918 they are living at 108 Chippenham Road, Paddington. He is a Trooper of the 21st County of London Yeomanry.
    He was a painter and decorator.
    He is listed as "deceased" on dau's marriage cert 1942. Either this is an error or else there is an error in this line.
    He died 12 July 1962, age 78, Edgware General Hospital, Burnt Oak Broadway, Burnt Oak, Edgware, London.
    She died 20 Jan 1974, Kincraig, Cranford Avenue, Exmouth, Devon.
    They had issue:

    1. Daisy Vera Sullivan,
      born 16 Jan 1918, Queen Charlotte's Hospital, then at Marylebone, London.
      (todo) See birth of Daisy V. Sullivan, [GRO.UK], 1st qr 1918, Marylebone, vol 1a page (poss. 606).
      At mar she is a GPO counter clerk, living 28 Roe Lane, Kingsbury, London.
      She mar 12 July 1942, Kingsbury parish church, London, to Edward Haggett [born 1913, son of Edward Haggett].
      At mar he is a fireman in the NFS, living Roe Lane, Kingsbury.
      He died pre-1991.
      She died 24 Nov 1991, think in Porthgwara Nursing Home, which is not in Porthgwarra but rather in Coverack, Cornwall.
      They had issue:

      1. Martin Haggett.
      2. Glen Haggett.

  2. Charles William Day,
    born 7 May 1891, Plaistow, London,
    mar 29 Sept 1915, Christ Church, Southwark, London, to Ruby Simpson [born 1894],
    he was Royal Artillery Gunner,
    he fl 1920.

  3. Frederick John Day,
    born 11 Mar 1893, Plaistow, London,
    died 31 Oct 1905, of appendicitis, age 12 yrs.

  4. William Day,
    William Victor Day, Will, born 23 June 1895, Plaistow, London,
    at mar he is living in East Ham, London, and working as a clerk,
    mar 18 July 1920, parish church of Great Ilford, London, to Elsie Eliza Fry [born 1898].

  5. Mabel Day,
    Mabel Victoria Day, born 22 July 1897, 53 Clever Road, Custom House, Canning Town, West Ham, London,
    mar George Aldis [born 16 May 1900] and had issue.

  6. Jessie Edith Day,
    born 12 May 1900, Custom House, West Ham, London.
    She died 16 June 1901, of gastroenteritis, age 13 months. NOT 1902.
    (todo) See death of Jessie Edith Day, [GRO.UK], 2nd qr 1901, West Ham, age 1, vol 4a p 69.

  7. Millicent Day,
    Millicent Rhoda Day, "Millie", born 22 Jan 1905, Custom House, West Ham, London,
    mar 21 Apr 1934, Hackney Register Office, London, or West Ham, London, to Ernest Flexon [Ernest John Flexon],
    she lived in flat in Wembley, London,
    she died 13 Nov 1960, Wembley, London, of angina, age 55 yrs.

  8. Robert Norman Day,
    born 2 Sept 1907, Barking Road, East Ham, London.
    He died 5 Sept 1911, Canning Town, West Ham, London, age 4 yrs.

Mabel Day as a young woman.
From George Aldis. Used with permission.
George Aldis thought this might be uniform of Women's Voluntary Service but that was only founded 1938.

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