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Christopher Fairchild married a woman with the extraordinary first name of "Kingborough".
This page is just to show where the name comes from.

Martin of Newton by Castle Acre, Norfolk

William Martin.
He mar Kingborrow ---- [born 1697].
"Kingborrow" was her first name.
This tree says she is Kingborrow Elgar, dau of John Elgar and Kingborrow Graver, who mar 1695 in Norfolk.
William and Kingborrow lived Newton by Castle Acre, Norfolk.
This page from here has baptisms of all four children.
She died 24 Nov 1763, age 66 yrs.
Memorial to the family in East End of the Church at Newton by Castle Acre.
They had issue:

  1. Elizabeth Martin,
    bapt 10 May 1724, Newton by Castle Acre.

  2. William Martin,
    bapt 19 Mar 1726, Newton by Castle Acre.
    He died 23 Dec 1755.

  3. Mathew Martin,
    bapt 24 Oct 1734, Newton by Castle Acre.

  4. Henry Martin,
    bapt Newton by Castle Acre.
    Bapt entry is unclear. It has date 24 May 1737, and then baptised 24 Oct (no year given).
    Maybe means born 24 May 1737 and bapt 24 Oct 1737.


Martin memorial at Newton by Castle Acre, Norfolk.
Showing William Martin's wife has the first name of "Kingborrow".
Photo 2021. From John E. Vigar. Used with permission.
See also 2013 shot. From Simon Knott. Used with permission.
Other photos here.

Baptism of William Martin, 19 Mar 1726.
Showing his mother as "Kingborrow".
From here.


Jane Martin

William and Kingborrow must be the parents of Jane Martin, who named her daughter "Kingborrow" in 1759.
The only way the name "Kingborrow" gets into the family of Martin of Newton by Castle Acre is through the William and Kingborrow marriage.
So either Jane names her daughter "Kingborrow" as a tribute to, say, her aunt, or (far more likely) Jane is daughter of William and Kingborrow.

William and Kingborrow must have had issue:

  1. Jane Martin.
    Listed at 1st mar 1745 as of Newton by Castle Acre, Norfolk.
    She mar 1stly, 19 June 1745, to Robert Oldman.
    They mar at Great Dunham, Norfolk. See mar entry from here. See duplicate entry from here.
    Robert died.
    She is Jane Oldman, widow, at 2nd mar.

    She mar 2ndly, 14 Feb 1754 (new style year), to John Dennis.
    He is listed at mar as of Great Dunham, Norfolk.
    They mar at East Bradenham, Norfolk. See entry from here.
    Jane had issue by 2nd husband John Dennis:

    1. Kingborough Dennis,
      a daughter, born 24 July 1759,
      bapt 27 July 1759, Great Fransham, Norfolk.
      See bapt entry from here.
      Spelled "Kingborrow" at baptism. That would be the normal Martin family spelling.
      However she seems to be signed "Kingborrough" at mar. And most records after that have "Kingborough".
      Spelled "Kingborough" in her husband Christopher's will and admin.
      At marriage 1792, she is a spinster, of All Saints parish, Stamford, Lincolnshire.

      She mar Mon 9 Apr 1792 to Christopher Fairchild and had issue.
      They mar at St.John's, Stamford. See entry from here.
      See notice in Stamford Mercury, Fri 13 April 1792.

Marriage of Jane Martin (of Newton by Castle Acre) to Robert Oldman, 19 June 1745.
From here.

Marriage of Jane Martin (widow) and John Dennis, 14 Feb 1754.
From here.

Baptism of "Kingborrow Dennis", 27 July 1759.
From here.

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