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Wonder if related to Farquharson of Haughton, nr Alford.


Marriage of William Farquharson and Margaret, 14 Sept 1732, Tough, Aberdeenshire.
See full size.

William Farquharson, born 1692.
"Farquharson" in will index and on grave. Think NOT "Farquarson".
Later the family definitely used Farquharson.
Lived at Tough, SE of Alford, Aberdeenshire (see map).
Listed as of Tough at mar.

He mar 14 Sept 1732, Tough, to Margaret Cobhan [born 1707]. See mar entry.
Her surname looks like "Cobhan" on grave. Might be pronounced Gaelic style "Cowan".
Written "Cobban" at marriage.
Looks like "Conban" at dau's bapt. Think NOT "Cobhad".
She is listed as of Tough at mar.

Listed as of Kirkton of Tough at dau's bapt 1737.
Listed as of Little Mill of Tough in his will. It says "Little Miln of Tough" on grave. "Miln" is old Scottish word for "mill".
William died 21 Apr 1762, age 70 yrs [grave].
He was bur Tough.
Will proved 18 Jan 1763.
Margaret died 13 Feb 1778, age 71 yrs [grave].
She was bur Tough.
William and Margaret had issue:

  1. Margaret Farquharson,
    bapt 19 Apr 1737, Tough. See bapt entry.
    She mar Alexander Murray [born 1735] and had issue.

William Farquharson, Little Mill of Tough, will proved 18 Jan 1763.
From p.19 of The Commissariot Record of Aberdeen, Register of Testaments 1715-1800.

Baptism of Margaret Farquharson, 19 Apr 1737, Tough, Aberdeenshire.
See full size.

Tough, SE of Alford, Aberdeenshire.
"+" is church and graveyard of Tough.

Tough on OS map, 1843-1882.
Church and graveyard shown.

Farquharson / Murray grave, Tough

Grave of William Farquharson and his wife and daughter and his Murray son-in-law.
Tough graveyard, Aberdeenshire.
See Google street view.

Reading of the Farquharson / Murray grave.
From p.35 of Aberdeenshire epitaphs and inscriptions.

Location of the Farquharson / Murray grave (stone flat on ground).
See full size. Photo 2014. Courtesy of Irene Mackay.

Top part of grave.
See full size.
See wider shot.
Photos 2014. Courtesy of Irene Mackay.

Bottom part of grave.
See full size.
See other shot and other shot.
Photos 2014. Courtesy of Irene Mackay.

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