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Dundrum Castle, Co.Dublin - Modern views

Modern views of Dundrum Castle, Co.Dublin.

Dundrum Castle.
From the entrance (W side, apartments side).
Photo 2022. See full size.
See other shot.
See LHS close-up and RHS close-up.

Dundrum Castle.
View from further back, a bit closer to the entrance.
Photo 2022. See full size.
And view from further back near entrance.

Video of Dundrum Castle.
Uploaded by this user in 2010.

From the E (river) side

Dundrum Castle.
Photo by Patrick Healy, 1987.
From South Dublin Libraries. See terms of use.

Dundrum Castle, 1999, from the E (river) side.

Dundrum Castle, 1999, from the E (river) side.

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