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Gerrard's Bromley Hall

Gerrard's Bromley Hall, SE of Ashley, Staffordshire.
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Gerrard's Bromley Hall (or Gerard's Bromley Hall) was an Elizabethan mansion.
Sir Gilbert Gerard purchased the manor of Bromley in 1564.
He built the mansion around 1575.
The porch has stone dated 1584.
Sir Gilbert died 1593, probably here.

It was seat of Barons Gerard (created 1603).
James I paid a Royal visit to the house for 2 days in 1617.
A print survives from 1686.
The mansion was demolished 1750s.
See Gerrard's Bromley Hall - the site today.

The porch was saved.

Some massive oak beams were saved from the mansion and used in the George Inn, Wolverhampton.
This must be the George and Dragon, Dudley Road, Wolverhampton. (There in 1834. Now gone.)

Gerrard's Bromley Hall, "the W.N.W. Prospect".
Print in The Natural History of Staffordshire, Robert Plot, 1686.
This is plate VI, on p.103.
See full size.

Close-up of the mansion. From the above.
See full size.

Detail of the above.
The dedication is to Digby Gerard, 5th Baron Gerard, though he died 1684, shortly before publication.
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Site of Gerrard's Bromley Hall.
Entrance from SW. Old farm buildings and gate into site of demolished mansion.
Then round the corner to the E is the farmhouse (about as old as the mansion, still stands).
From old map. Surveyed: 1879. Published: 1889.

The location today.
From Google Maps.
See street view of SW entrance.

The grand gateway and farm buildings on the W side.
Photo 2018. See full size.


The hunting frieze

Surviving in one of the farm's ancient barns is a late Elizabethan plaster frieze depicting a hunting scene.
A horseman and 3 dogs chase a fox.

LHS of the hunting frieze.
In a barn with farm machinery.
Photo 2018. See full size.

Centre of the hunting frieze.
Photo 2018. See full size.

RHS of the hunting frieze.
Photo 2018. See full size.

Close-up of figure on horseback.
Photo 2018. See full size.


The porch

The porch, or portico, with stone dated 1584, survives.
It was moved to a wood S of Batchacre Hall, Shebdon, Staffordshire (some distance S of Gerrard's Bromley Hall).

Location of porch S of Batchacre Hall.
From old map. Revised: 1900. Published: 1903.
An earlier map incorrectly had date 1548.
See modern map.

The porch in 1686 print.

The surviving porch.
Photo from "The Gerard Coat of Arms", Transactions of the North Staffs Field Club, vol 59, pp.94-103, 1924-25.
See full size.

The porch of Gerrard's Bromley Hall today, in the woods S of Batchacre Hall.
Photo 2018. See full size.
See wider shot.
See arms.
See side view.

Gerrard's Bromley Hall - the site today

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