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Lewis Grassic Gibbon

There is NO tradition of any connection between our Gibbons and the Scottish writer "Lewis Grassic Gibbon".
But it is interesting that he descends from Gibbons in the same general area of Scotland.

George Gibbon,
farm labourer.
He mar 14 June 1862 to Lilias Grassick.
They mar at Strathdon, far W of Aberdeen.
They had issue:

  1. Lilias Grant Gibbon,
    Lily, born 21 Aug 1873, Leochel-Cushnie, W of Aberdeen (see map).
    She had two illegitimate sons by two different fathers.
    She then mar, 31 Dec 1898, to James McIntosh Mitchell [born c.1862] and had issue:

    1. Leslie Mitchell,
      born James Leslie Mitchell, 1901.
      The Scottish writer "Lewis Grassic Gibbon" (adopted names of his mother's and grandmother's families).
      He also wrote as "J. Leslie Mitchell".

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