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Thaddeus English,
"Thadius" at marriage.
The English family were a wealthy business family in Tipperary town. They had shop, business, land.
He mar 16 Feb 1846 to Margaret Furlong [bapt 30 Apr 1820].
There are various English's listed in Tipperary town in [Directory of Cork & Munster, 1867, pp.418-421] but not clear which one is him.
Chairman of Tipperary Urban District Council for years.
He was on the platform in Dublin at the unveiling of the O'Connell monument (unveiled 1882).
They apparently were parents of the following.
Canon Tim English thought they were grandparents of the following, but cannot marry in 1846 and have grandson born 1860-61.
Tobias' marriage 1904 says his father was "Timothy English", merchant.

  1. Tobias English,
    Tobias Francis English,
    of Emly, S Co.Tipperary,
    born Co.Tipperary, 1860 [according to age at death] or 1861 [according to 1911 census].
    At mar 1904 he is listed as grocer, living Tipperary.
    He mar 1904 to Emily Humphrys [bapt 7 July 1880].
    They were cousins, needed special dispensation to marry.
    He was a butcher in Tipperary town with his brother.
    They lived Tipperary town. Children born 1909-14 at St.Michael's St, Tipperary town.
    He is listed as "grocer", "merchant", "shopkeeper" at children's births.
    They are listed in 1911 census in Nelson Street, Tipperary town. He is listed as grocer and publican. They have 1 servant living with them.
    He is listed as already retired at son's birth 1914.
    He died St.Michael's St, Tipperary town, 10 Dec 1932, age 72 yrs [GROI].
    His brother got the business. Emily got nothing. She went back to Boher.
    She died July 1961 [grave, Abington], age 80-81 yrs.
    They had issue:

    1. Mabel English, of Tipperary,
      Margaret Mary English, born 8th April 1909, St.Michael's St, Tipperary [GROI],
      nun, health failed, left it, didn't marry,
      died at the Little Sisters, Waterford, 23rd July 1982, age 73 yrs [gravestone],
      see death notice in Irish Independent, July 24, 1982,
      funeral Sun 25 July, Cappawhite, Co.Tipperary (where her brother was P.P.), bur Cappawhite.

    2. Canon Tim English,
      Very Rev. Canon Timothy English,
      "Timmy", born 21 Dec 1910, St.Michael's St, Tipperary [GROI].
      He was educ Maynooth.
      Ordained at Thurles, Co.Tipperary, 19 Apr 1936.
      He carried out the double wedding of his 1st cousins Kitty and Mabel Corbett 1942. Listed as C.C. (Curate).
      Listed as priest at Tipperary town in [Thom's, 1945].
      P.P. Cappawhite, Co.Tipperary, 1963.
      Retired late 1980s. He was then Assistant P.P., Cappawhite.
      He died in St.John's Hospital, Limerick, 20 June 1999, age 88 yrs.
      See death notice in Irish Independent, Tuesday, June 22, 1999.
      Funeral Wed 23 June, bur Cappawhite.

    3. Rev. Theo English,
      Tobias Francis, born 9th Feb 1914, St.Michael's St, Tipperary [GROI],
      educ Maynooth,
      "Tobias English" listed as priest at Tipperary town in [Thom's, 1945],
      died c.1952, age c.38 yrs.

  2. Jim English,
    butcher in Tipperary town with his brother,
    had issue:

    1. Timothy Joseph English,
      Joe, Joebie,
      had issue:

      1. Adrian English.

  3. Mary English,
    mar Matt Dwyer,
    he might be O'Dwyer,
    he was meant to be brother of Sir Michael O'Dwyer,
    had issue:

    1. Eileen Dwyer, mar --- Gleeson and had issue.
    2. (think) John Dwyer.

  4. Katie English,
    mar Tom Fleming,
    he had shop in S Co.Dublin, maybe Sandymount or Dun Laoghaire,
    made lot of money on stocks and shares, retired young,
    bought house, Clarinda Park, Dun Laoghaire,
    had issue:
    1. (children) Fleming.

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