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Capt. John Hendrick,
John Kane Hendrick,
born Ireland, 24 June 1836 [grave].
He went to America.
Served in US military for many years. Served at Camp Cooper in West Texas.
Fought in American Civil War for the Union.
He was a wealthy man. He went back to Ireland to marry.

He mar in Ireland, 24 Aug 1876, to Gertrude Kickham [bapt 28 Mar 1838].
She returned with him to America.
They settled at Stockdale, in Wilson County, Texas.
[White, 1955] said he was "Military Governor of Texas after the Civil War", but this is not true.
He was just a Captain.
Obituary says he planned to bring wife and children back to Ireland but was unable to.
Obituary says he helped fund the building of "the church of St.Patrick", Stockdale. This must be an error for St.Mary's RC church, Stockdale, which was built in 1877. See history.
His will dated 9 Nov 1883.
He appointed his wife as executor and also asked her to accept as co-executor Fr. John Henry Daine, an Englishman who was priest of St.Mary's Catholic church around 1882-1885.

John dies, 1883:
He died in Stockdale, 9 Nov 1883, age 47 yrs, on the same day as his will.
A witness at his probate confirms he died 9 Nov 1883, on the same day as his will. Obituary and grave also say he died 9 Nov 1883.
He was bur Palm Cemetery, Stockdale, Texas. See findagrave. His will asked for him to be buried in Ireland but it seems that did not happen.
See obituary in The Pilot (Catholic newspaper), 8 December 1883.
See probate. Notice of probate issued 17 Dec 1883. Probate heard 4 Feb 1884. His will asked that his will not be recorded or probated in the American courts but that did not happen.
He was wealthy. Estate of value $10,000.

Claim that he was murdered:
Jeanoyce Wilson said John died "under suspicious circumstances".
She said he was possibly murdered by Fr. John Henry Daine, who she said was an imposter Catholic priest. It is unclear what her evidence was.
No suspicious circumstances are noted in probate. Though it is curious he died on the same day as his will. Obituary says he died of a brief illness.
Wilson said that in 1885 the church was notified in writing that Rev. Daine was an impostor and should no longer be allowed to perform the duties of the priest.
However he was a priest. He is found later as RC priest of Saint Helena island, Atlantic Ocean, 1891 to 1906.

Gertrude returned to Ireland with her children in around 1888.
She apparently lived in Blackrock, Co. Dublin.
She returned to America in around 1901.
She lived Sutherland Springs, Wilson County, Texas.

Gertrude dies, 1904:
She died Sutherland Springs, 17 June 1904, age 66 yrs.
She was bur Palm Cemetery, Stockdale, Texas.
See obituary in The Pilot (Catholic newspaper), 6 August 1904.
John and Gertrude had issue:

  1. Mary Hendrick,
    Mary Elizabeth, May, born Wilson County, Texas, 2 July 1877.
    She mar Jessie Gordon Hodges.
    She died 28 Feb 1944, age 66 yrs.
    She was bur Palm Cemetery, Stockdale, Texas.
    They had issue:

    1. John Hodges,
      John Hendrick Hodges.
      He mar Edoleen Riddle [or Edolene], no issue.

    2. Gertrude Theresa Hodges,
      born 25 May 1908.
      She died 14 Aug 1909, age 1 yr.
      She was bur Palm Cemetery, Stockdale, Texas.

    3. Joseph Gordon Hodges,
      born 24 June 1910.
      He died 7 Sept 1927, age 17 yrs.
      He was bur Palm Cemetery, Stockdale, Texas.

  2. Angela Hendrick,
    Angela D. Hendrick, born Wilson County, Texas, 29 Sept 1878 [Jeanoyce Wilson] or 2 Oct 1878 [grave].
    She did not marry.
    She died 8 Jan 1951, age 72 yrs.
    She was bur Palm Cemetery, Stockdale, Texas.

  3. Veronica Hendrick,
    Veronica U. Hendrick, born Wilson County, Texas, 21 Apr 1881 (mother age 43).
    She did not marry.
    She died 4 Jan 1967, age 85 yrs.
    She was bur Palm Cemetery, Stockdale, Texas.

Hendrick and Hodges graves, Palm Cemetery, Stockdale, Texas

Photos by Walter Powell.
From Palm Cemetery in USGenWeb Archives.
Used with permission.

(Left) Grave of John Kane Hendrick.
(Right) Grave of Gertrude Kickham.

Grave of Mary Hendrick.

Grave of Gertrude Theresa Hodges.

Grave of Joseph Gordon Hodges.

Grave of Angela Hendrick.

Grave of Veronica Hendrick.



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