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James Kickham

Marriage of James Kickham, 25 July 1824 [Mullinahone RC par records].

James Kickham,
born 1800.
His father died 1815.
He inherited his father's shop on The Square in Mullinahone, Co.Tipperary.

He mar 25 July 1824 [Mullinahone RC par records] to Kate Mullally [Catherine, born 1796, NOT Kathleen].
She is "Aunt Kitty" in the Fenian's prison letters.
She was from a farming family, Mullally of Ballycullen, S of Mullinahone (see map), think NOT of Ballywilliam.

"James Kickham" is listed in [Tithe Survey, 1834] as holding 6 acres at Mullinahone.
Kate is probably "Catherine Kickham" who sp baptism of her nephew Thomas Kickham, Apr 1836.
Listed at Mullinahone at son's bapt, June 1836.
James was persuaded in Oct 1842 to become agent for newly launched Nation newspaper.
[Deed, 1843] is from the landlord Despard to James Kickham of Mullinahone, shopkeeper, about the property in the possession of James Kickham. This is the property on The Square in Mullinahone (plot 15, Killaghy St).
In [House Book for Mullinahone, 1846], James Kickham holds plot 16, Fethard St, Mullinahone, listed as unoccupied.
"James Kickham" is listed in [House Book for Mullinahone, 1848] at plot 15, Killaghy St.
He was member of Mullinahone branch of Tenant Protection Society. He was at inaugral meeting, early Nov 1849.

Kate did NOT die 1849: The Shee grave, Mullinahone, lists James' wife "Kathleen" Mullally as dying in 1849. But this is clearly confusion (both in name and date) with her dau Kathleen, who died 1849. The mother died 1871.

James is listed in [Field Book for Kilvemnon, 1850] at The Square.
"James Kickham" is listed in [Griffiths Valuation, Nov 1850] for Mullinahone, as occupying and renting plot 15, Killaghy St and plot 20, Fethard St, and renting out houses at plots 7-19 Fethard St and plots 32-36 Fethard St.

He may be (not confirmed) James Kickham, of Mullinahone, gentleman, in [Deed, 1856].
This refers to a deed poll dated 15 Mar 1856, sale of encumbered estates, which granted to James Kickham lands at Heathview (Garrangibbon par) and Rathroe (Killenaule par) and Oldcastle (Newtownlennan par), all in the general Mullinahone area of Co.Tipperary, total 244 acres.
In [Deed, 1856] James Kickham sells these lands to John Murphy, of Clonmel, merchant, for the impressive sum of £2800.
Not confirmed this is our James Kickham.

Kate dies, 1871:
She died at her home, Mullinahone, 20 July 1871, age 75 yrs.
See death cert from here. She is "wife of farmer".
See notice in Freemans Journal, July 22, 1871.

James dies, 1873:
He is listed as "gentleman farmer" at death.
He died 16 Feb 1873, at his house in Mullinahone, age 73 yrs [death notice], [GROI].
The grave erected for his grandson Nicholas Shee is wrong to say the grandfather died 1871.
See death notice in Waterford News and Star, February 21, 1873. And also Freemans Journal, February 21, 1873.
He was bur Mullinahone.
James and Kate had issue:

  1. Ellen Kickham,
    bapt 1825 [Mullinahone RC par records], (todo) see full entry.

  2. Kathleen Kickham,
    bapt Catherine 1826 [Mullinahone RC par records], (todo) see full entry,
    Catherine at marriage, Kathleen on grave.
    She mar by [marriage settlement, 15 June 1847] to John Shee [John Nicholas Shee].
    He was of Seven Acres, an unidentified location near Tober and Gurtnapisha (see old map), near Cloneen, SW of Mullinahone.
    He was a close relation of the Shea family (normally thus spelt) of Tober, who were killed in a horrific arson attack in 1821 in land agitation. See [Larkin, 2002, p.81].

    Kathleen died 1849, age 23 yrs.
    John died 1850,
    both bur Catholic church yard, Mullinahone.
    They had issue:

    1. Nicholas Shee, born 1847-49,
      Nicholas Kickham Shee,
      orphaned 1850,
      registered his grandfather James Kickham's death 1873, listed as living Mullinahone,
      mar Nano O'Meara [listed as Nannie Rose O'Meara at Gertrude's birth],
      he is listed as farmer, living Sevenacres, at Gertrude's birth 1888,
      he is listed as J.P. at death of Thomas P. Kickham, 1895,
      he died 1904, bur Mullinahone,
      she died 1929, bur Mullinahone,
      had issue:

      1. Dr. John Shee,
        Dr. John Nicholas Kickham Shee, of Callan,
        mar Catherine Fitzgerald,
        he died 1915, bur Mullinahone,
        she died 1944, bur Mullinahone,
        had issue:
        1. Christina Shee, born 1909, poss. Christine,
          died 11 July 1994, age 85 yrs, bur Mullinahone.

      2. Gertrude Shee,
        Gertie, Gertrude Mary, born 17 Jan 1888, Sevenacres [GROI],
        didn't marry,
        listed as "farmer (retired)", living William St, Clonmel, at death,
        died 21 Sept 1972, St.Ann's Home, Clonmel, age 84 yrs [GROI], bur Mullinahone.

      3. 3 other sons, Shee.
      4. 9 other daus, Shee.

  3. William Kickham,
    bapt 21 Feb 1828 [Mullinahone RC par records], sp Rev. W. Mullally and Anne Mullally, see entry from here,
    clerical student,
    died Thurles College.

  4. Sr. Mary Patrick Kickham,
    Mary Anne,
    nun, Convent of Mercy, Baggot St, Dublin,
    Superioress in the Mater Hospital, Dublin,
    attended the Fenian's deathbed 1882.

  5. James Kickham,
    James J. Kickham,
    bapt 1832 [Mullinahone RC par records], (todo) see full entry,
    he was a non-commissioned officer in the Irish Papal Brigade 1860 (defending Papal States from Italian nationalist unification of Italy),
    died Australia.

  6. Clara Kickham,
    Clara Mary Kickham,
    bapt "Clare", 12 Jan 1834 [Mullinahone RC par records], sp John Kickham and Mrs. Michael Mullally,
    see image from here,
    mar 1 Dec 1860 [Mullinahone RC par records] to Dr. Thomas Crean and had issue.
    See entry from here. Mar wit by James Kickham (could be her brother or father) and [maybe Richard Crean] and [illegible] Kickham.

  7. John Kickham,
    bapt 9 June 1836 [Mullinahone RC par records], see image from here, sp John Mullally and Mary Mahony,
    died Mullinahone.

  8. Gertrude Kickham,
    Gertrude T. Kickham, "Gettie",
    bapt 28 Mar 1838 [Mullinahone RC par records], or possibly 23 Mar, see image from here,
    bapt sp by Charles Kickham and Mary Mullally.
    Grave is wrong to say born 25 Mar 1843. She might be born 25 Mar 1838.
    She inspired the character "Grace Kiely" in Knocknagow.
    She inspired the Fenian's poem St. John's Eve: "Yes, Gertrude, I remember well; That St. John's Eve, three years ago".
    She registered her mother's death 1871. Living Mullinahone.
    She mar perhaps c.1875 to Capt. John Hendrick and had issue.
    Hendrick had emigrated to America. He returned to Ireland on a visit, married her, and brought her to America.

Shee grave (left) and Crean grave (right).
Catholic church yard, Mullinahone.
As explained above, the Shee grave is inaccurate.
Photo 2008. See larger and full size.


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