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Robert Lumsden

Robert Lumsden,
of Medlar, in the Barony of Cushnie, Aberdeenshire.
See Wikitree.
He mar Janet Mortimer [dau of Edward Mortimer of Craigievar, and widow of George Gordon of Hallhead].
In 1471 he exchanged Medlar for Balnakelly, Cushnie, Aberdeenshire. (Prior to 1471 this estate had belonged to both the Gordons and the Leslies.)
He died 1480.
Robert and Janet had issue:

Robert Lumsden.
Laird of Cushnie. Chief of Lumsden.
He mar 1stly to Isobel Forbes [born est c.1490, descendant of Robert II, King of Scotland and of Henry I].
He died 1548.
They had issue:

  1. Thomas Lumsden.
    He was killed at Battle of Flodden 1513.
    Ancestor of main Lumsden line.

  2. Mathew Lumsden (or Matthew),
    of Tillycairn (or Tullicarn).
    Tillycairn Castle built 1540.
    He mar Anapel Forbes [natural dau of Lord Forbes].
    He wrote a history of the Forbes family (his wife and mother's family).
    He died 27 June 1580.

  3. Janet Lumsden (or Jean).
    She mar James Skene and had issue.

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