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Forbes, Baron Forbes

Alexander Forbes, 1st Baron Forbes (and here),
born est c.1385.
He mar Elizabeth Douglas [grand-dau of Robert III, King of Scotland and descendant of Henry I].
He was cr 1442.
He died 1448, age est c.63 yrs.
They had issue:

James Forbes, 2nd Baron Forbes.
He succ 1448.
He built Druminner Castle, in the parish of Forbes, Aberdeenshire (license 1456).
He mar Egidia de Keith [descendant of David I, King of Scotland and of Henry I].
He died 1460 to 1462.
They had issue:

  1. Duncan Forbes,
    mar Cristina Mercer and had issue.


Agnes Forbes (who married Alexander Skene, Laird of Skene)


Extract from p.23 of [Skene, 1887].
This says that Alexander Skene, Laird of Skene, married Agnes Forbes, "daughter of Lord Forbes".
This thinks Agnes is dau of 2nd Baron Forbes.
But the dates are rather late for that. Maybe she is grand-daughter. This needs confirmation.


Forbes of Terpersie

Not known to be relations of the Barons Forbes. But see [Lumsden, 1580].

Sir John Forbes,
of Terpersie,
had issue:

---- Forbes,
had issue:

John Forbes,
of Terpersie.
He mar Magdalen Bessie Leslie [descendant of Robert II, King of Scotland and of Henry I].
In fact, it is unclear if it is him or his grandfather who marries her.
He had issue:

  1. Isobel Forbes,
    born est c.1490.
    She mar Robert Lumsden and had issue.



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