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My ancestors - McEllistrem - Contents

Marcus McEllistrem

Marcus McEllistrem,
born May 1897, Minnesota.
He grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Living with parents in Saint Paul in 1920 census. He is "accountant".
He mar 1922 in Minnesota to Loretta Simard [Loretta Camille Simard, born 6 Oct 1896 in Ramsey County, Minnesota].
See entry in 1930 US census. They are living 38th St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is "accountant".
He died 13 June 1947, age 50 yrs, in "Ramsey, Minnesota" [LDS]. This would be St.Paul, Ramsey County.
She died 14 June 1987, age 90 yrs, in St.Paul.
They had issue:

  1. Marcus McEllistrem,
    mar Eleanor ---- and had issue:

    1. Mary Ann McEllistrem.
    2. Marcus McEllistrem, mar Laurel ----.
    3. Rebecca McEllistrem.
    4. Joan McEllistrem.
    5. Catherine McEllistrem.
    6. Deborah McEllistrem.

  2. Gerald McEllistrem,
    mar Marjorie Snodgrass and had issue:

    1. Michael McEllistrem.
    2. Steven McEllistrem.
    3. Michelle McEllistrem.
    4. Tom McEllistrem.
    5. Mary McEllistrem.
    6. Susan McEllistrem.
    7. Jane McEllistrem.

    8. Paul McEllistrem, had issue:
      1. Collin McEllistrem.

    9. Molly McEllistrem.
    10. Laura McEllistrem.
    11. Megan McEllistrem.
    12. Sarah McEllistrem.

  3. Joan McEllistrem.

  4. Mary Ann McEllistrem,
    mar --- and had issue.

  5. Edward McEllistrem,
    mar --- and had issue:
    1. Theresa McEllistrem.

  6. Therese McEllistrem,
    mar --- Olker and had issue.

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