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McEllistrem of Ballylongford, Co.Kerry


There are many spellings of this surname in Co.Kerry.
The Ballylongford family (our family) always spells the name "McEllistrem" so I standardise our family to this spelling.
This was the spelling on the old shop in Ballylongford.
This was the spelling on the grave of Margaret McEllistrem (died 1930).
However, the name is spelt "Mac Ellestrem" on grave of Richard Mac Ellestrem (died 1848) at Lislaughtin Abbey.
[King, 1910] writes it "MacEllistrum".
Think "McEllistrim" is how The O'Rahilly spelt it in his son's middle name.
Spelt "McEllistrim" in [Bourke, 1967].

"McEllistrem" was the spelling on the old shop in Ballylongford (demolished 1957).
From [McAuliffe, vol.1, 2011, p.65].
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McEllistrem (and variants) of Co.Kerry

McEllistrem (and many spelling variations) is thought to be a Norman family in Co.Kerry, adopting a Gaelic-style surname.
There was a "Castle MacEllistrum" in Tralee (or "Castle Macallistrim" or "Castle McEllstrim").
These MacEllistrums were dispossessed of the castle in 1579-1604.
Tralee was granted to Denny in 1586.

The McEllistrems of Ballylongford thought that the family of Tralee (presumably the family of Castle MacEllistrum) was the ancestor of the 3 branches:

  1. McEllistrem of Ballylongford.
  2. "McEllistrim" of Ballyduff, Rattoo par, SW of Ballylongford, NW Co.Kerry.
  3. "McEllistrim" of Ballymacelligott, Ballymacelligott par, just E of Tralee.
The name "Richard" is found in different branches in Co.Kerry. This suggests that "Richard" in the family goes back to a common ancestor in the early 18th century or even 17th century.

Ruins of "Castle Macallistrim", Tralee, on 1829 to 1842 map.
This is on Pembroke St, off Rock St, NW side of Tralee.
An extensive ruin survived as at 1841. The ruin of "Castle MacEllistrim" is described in [O'Donovan, 1841].
Apparently now nothing remains.


Our family

Our family (the Ballylongford family) begins with:

Richard McEllistrem's mother and wife mentioned in [P102/207(29)].
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The spelling "Mac Ellestrem" on the grave of Richard Mac Ellestrem (died 1848), Lislaughtin Abbey.
Photo 2006. See full size.

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