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My wife's ancestors - Murray - Contents


James Parten Butson,
mar Frances Hazel and had issue:

Earnest Hyram Butson,
Ernest, Ernie,
born 17 Dec 1869 in Amherst Township, Lorain County, Ohio [according to an anonymous communication, but date makes sense],
apparently NOT born 1874 in Rochester, Ohio,
mar 1890 in Rochester, Ohio, to Mary Jane Murray [born 1869],
he died 1948 in Rochester, Ohio, age 74 yrs,
she died 1955 in Rochester, Ohio, age 86 yrs,
had issue:

  1. Gilbert Butson,
    Gilbert James Butson, born 15 Oct 1903 in Rochester, Ohio,
    mar 4 Aug 1927, Chicago, to Florence Dorothy Giles [born 31 Jan 1898 in Chicago, dau of Peter Tate Giles and Mary Jane Bissel],
    she had previously mar Robert Leland Thompson [apparently NOT Robert Lee Thompson] and had issue,
    she died 26 Feb 1967 in Elyria, Ohio, age 69 yrs,
    buried in Rochester, Ohio,
    he died 4 Oct 1979 in Elyria, Ohio, age 75 yrs,
    buried 8 Oct in Rochester, Ohio,
    had issue:

    1. Hope Ernesteen Butson, mar Howard Sidney Gee and had issue:

      1. James Gilbert Gee,
        mar 1stly to Eleanor Margarite Noveske and had issue:
        1. James Howard Gee.
        2. Paul Andrew Gee.
        mar 2ndly to Barbara Ann Ward and had issue:
        1. Sharon Marie Gee.
        2. Jeffrey Sean Gee.

      2. John Howard Gee, mar Magdalena M. Kiss and had issue:
        1. Jennifer Hope Gee.
        2. Katherine Mary Gee.
      3. David Enoch Gee, mar Ann Powell and had issue:
        1. David Gee.
        2. Adam Gee.
      4. Daniel Earl Gee, mar Virginia Wear.
      5. Matthew Allen Gee, mar Deborah Shurdell and had issue:
        1. Michelle Gee.
        2. Thomas Matthew Gee.
        3. Rebecca Gee.
      6. Mary Hope Gee, mar Ross Panos and had issue:
        1. Amanda Panos.
        2. Stephen Panos.
        3. Jacqueline Laura Panos.

    2. Elaine Ellen Butson, mar Rollin Jewel Everett and had issue:

      1. Jim Everett, researched family tree,
        mar Deborah Kay Salyer and had issue:
        1. Rollin Kenneth Everett.
        2. Rebekah Kay Mae Ellen Everett, mar Christopher Kaine.
        3. James R. Everett.
        4. Adam E. Everett.

      2. Robert Gilbert Everett, mar Jesusa (Susan) Rico and had issue:
        1. Christina Marie Everett.
        2. Lindsie Everett.
      3. William Everett, mar Celeste Shipe and had issue:
        1. William Everett.
        2. Christopher David Everett.
        3. Jason Robert Everett.
        4. Jessica Lynn Everett.
      4. Rollin Jewel Everett, mar Ruth Bingly and had issue:
        1. Russel Everett.
        2. Angelica Everett.
        3. Rollin Jewel Everett.
      5. Gary Timothy Everett, mar Vicky Lynn Lewis and had issue:
        1. Christal Lynn Everett.
        2. Gary Timothy Everett.
        3. Shawn Everett.
      6. Micheal Joseph Everett, mar Dana Schroth and had issue:
        1. Ashley Everett.
        2. Amanda Everett.
        3. April Everett.

    3. James Hughs Butson, mar Ann Waters.

  2. Jessica Butson, born Rochester, Ohio.
  3. Florence Butson, born Rochester, Ohio.
  4. Dorthea Butson, born Rochester, Ohio.

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