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My wife's ancestors - Murray - Contents

James Murray

James Murray,
born 15 Nov 1826, Aberdeenshire,
see entry in tree by Jim Everett,
mar 25 Sept 1866, Scotland, to Isabelle Monroe [born 1842 in Scotland, dau of Alexander Monroe and Mary Macintosh],
emigrated to America,
he died 1 Apr 1899 in Rochester, Ohio, age 72 yrs,
she died 1911 in Rochester, Ohio, age 69 yrs,
had issue:

  1. James Alexander Murray, born 25 Sept 1867 in Aberdeen,
    died 22 Jan 1938 in Rochester, Ohio, age 70 yrs.

  2. Mary Jane Murray,
    born 1869 in Nairn, Scotland, or poss. born in Aberdeen,
    mar 1890, Rochester, Ohio, to Earnest Hyram Butson and had issue.

  3. William Murray, born 1871 in Scotland,
    died 1965 in Rochester, Ohio, age 94 yrs, buried in Rochester Cemetery.

  4. Nellie C. Murray, born 1871 in Scotland,
    died 1933 in Rochester, Ohio, age 62 yrs.

  5. Jessie Murray, born 1875,
    died 1957 in Rochester, Ohio, age 82 yrs.

  6. John Murray.
  7. Charles Murray.
  8. Issabelle Murray.
  9. Sue Murray.

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