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Ballynabrennagh, near Tralee, Co.Kerry

Ballynabrennagh (Ballynabrennagh Upper and Ballynabrennagh Lower townlands), Ratass par (NE of Tralee), Co.Kerry (see map).
There were a number of O'Callaghan (or Callaghan) families in Ballynabrennagh. Presumably all related.
All of them were apparently in Ballynabrennagh Upper townland.
Earliest we can find appears to be Eugene Callaghan in 1798.

The location is definitely Ballynabrennagh:

Ballynabrennagh Upper on 1829 to 1842 map.

Modern street view of the hamlet at Ballynabrennagh Upper (at the road, at the SC border of the townland).

The O'Callaghan house at Ballynabrennagh.
This is the house belonging to the John O'Callaghan family.
Photo 1994. See full size.
Courtesy of Lynton Sallis.

Michael Callaghan meeting Helen Sallis at the O'Callaghan house at Ballynabrennagh.
Photo 1994. See full size.
Courtesy of Lynton Sallis. See back.
Helen Sallis wrote: "He took us up the lane to see the remains of the old original farmhouse which he said was over 200 years old and had not been lived in for over 50 years. Inside it had a high wood-lined mansard ceiling, was very dark and the room quite large. There were several very old holy pictures on the walls - The Holy Family, Mother Mary and Jesus and there was a small lamp burning beside the picture of Jesus. It was interesting that no-one had lived there for 50 years but someone, probably Michael's wife, kept the flame alight."

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