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John Quirk,
had issue:

  1. Jeremiah Quirk,
    born 1829 (by age at death) or 1835 (by census age).
    Marriage and earlier children's bapts say "Quirk".
    Later children's bapts and census and death say "Quirke".
    See entry in tree by "mackpds".
    Listed as of Tralee at mar.

    He mar 1858 to Ellen Callaghan [bapt 7 April 1829].
    Listed as of Tralee at children's bapts 1859-69.
    Living Brogue Lane, Tralee, at dau's bapt 1871 (this would be Brogue maker's Lane, see map).
    Ellen died pre-1901.
    Jeremiah is listed in 1901 census with dau Annie's family at Dawsons Lane, Tralee. He is shoemaker, widower.
    He died in the Workhouse hospital, Tralee, 30 Apr 1908. He is "Shoemaker".
    See death cert from here.
    Jeremiah and Ellen had issue:

    1. Annie Quirk,
      Anne, Ann,
      "Annie" in 1901 and 1911 census,
      born 8 October 1859, Co.Kerry,
      bapt Ann, 9 October 1859 [Tralee RC par records], sp John Quirk and Margaret Callaghan.
      1901 and 1911 census says she can read and write but she left "her mark" at husband's death 1909.
      Listed at Tralee at mar, age 18.
      She mar 5 March 1878 [Tralee RC par records] to Michael Ferriter and had issue.
      Mar wit by Timothy Collins and Michael Collins.

    2. Mary Quirk,
      born 28 November 1860,
      would be after grandmother,
      bapt 9 December 1860 [Tralee RC par records], sp Thadeus Dannahy and Mary Murphy,
      must have died young.

    3. Helen Quirk,
      born 24 February 1862,
      bapt 5 March 1862 [Tralee RC par records], sp James Quirk and Mary Egan.

    4. John Quirk,
      born 21 April 1863,
      would be after grandfather,
      bapt 26 April 1863 [Tralee RC par records], sp Elizabeth Collins.

    5. Catherine Quirk,
      born 6 June 1864,
      bapt 12 June 1864 [Tralee RC par records], sp James O'Callaghan and Catherine O'Callaghan.

    6. James Quirk,
      born 8 January 1867,
      would be after grandfather,
      bapt 10 January 1867 [Tralee RC par records], sp Denis Hannifan and Ellen Sullivan.

    7. Mary Quirk,
      Mary Ellen Quirk, or Quirke, would be after grandmother,
      born 25 April 1869,
      bapt 2 May 1869 [Tralee RC par records], sp John Dannihy and Mary Callaghan.
      She went to America.
      Listed in 1900 census with her cousins the Brown family in San Francisco.

    8. Margaret Quirk,
      or Quirke, born 10 June 1871,
      bapt 11 June 1871 [Tralee RC par records], sp Eugene Callahan and Margaret Bailey.
      She went to America.
      Listed in 1900 census with her cousins the Brown family in San Francisco.
      She mar Michael James Brown and had issue:

      1. Marion G. Brown, born 1909,
        mar Austin Paul Kerrigan and had issue,
        grandparents of:

        1. --- MacKenzie.
          DNA match to my mother.

Possibly related

James Quirke who married Annie Ferriter was thought to be a cousin of hers.
But if so, seems like not 1st cousin. Her uncle James Quirk was born 1867. Too young to be James the father of this James.


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