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James O'Callaghan, of Ballynabrennagh

The following line was pieced together by Michael Thomas. The DNA proves it is correct.

James O'Callaghan,
or James Callaghan.
Callaghan in some earlier records for him, O'Callaghan in some later records for him, but children seem to use Callaghan.
See entry in tree by "mjtlmb".
He was of Ballynabrennagh, NE of Tralee, Co.Kerry.
Listed at Ballynabrennagh at mar.
He mar 10 February 1823 [Tralee RC par records] to Mary Cooke.
Mar wit by Patrick Flanigan and M. Collins.
Listed at Ballynabrennagh at children's baptisms 1824-35.
James and Mary had issue:

  1. Michael Callaghan,
    bapt 15 February 1824 [Tralee RC par records], sp Denis Callaghan (could be our Denis) and Ellen Sheehan,
    listed as of Tralee at mar,
    mar 26 July 1853 [Tralee RC par records] to Ellen Sullivan ["Helen" at dau's bapt],
    mar wit by John Sheahan and Timothy Collins,
    listed as of Tralee at dau's bapt 1859,
    they left Tralee, apparently spent time in Cork and London,
    left London and came to the United States in 1868,
    settled in San Francisco,
    he died 1903, age 79 yrs,
    obituary in San Francisco newspapers, calls him a native of Tralee,
    Michael and Ellen had issue:

    1. Catherine Callaghan,
      bapt 27 March 1859 [Tralee RC par records], sp David Connor and Mary Sullivan.

    2. Thomas Callaghan,
      born 1868, London, just before family went to US.
      Michael Thomas says: "Family lore says he was always ashamed to have been born in England rather than Ireland."
      He mar Catherine Griffin and had issue:

      1. Ethel Veronica Callahan, born 1912,
        mar Walter Kappel and had issue:

        1. Patricia Kappel.
          DNA match to me.
          DNA match to my mother.
          She mar --- Thomas and had issue:

          1. Michael Thomas.
            DNA match to me.
            DNA match to my mother.
            Researching family tree.

  2. Catherine O'Callaghan,
    bapt 5 October 1826 [Tralee RC par records], sp Richard O'Savage and Honora O'Callaghan,
    joined her brother Michael in San Francisco,
    mar Nicholas Brown [born 1830],
    lived in San Francisco,
    obituary calls her a native of Tralee.

  3. Ellen Callaghan,
    or Ellen O'Callaghan,
    "Helen" at some children's bapts,
    bapt 7 April 1829 [Tralee RC par records], sp Richard O'Savage and Joanna O'Counihan.
    Listed as of Tralee at mar.
    She mar 19 October 1858 [Tralee RC par records] to Jeremiah Quirk and had issue.
    Mar wit by Timothy Collins and Michael Callaghan.

  4. Margaret O'Callaghan,
    bapt 10 May 1832 [Tralee RC par records], sp Maurice O'Savage and Margaret O'Savage,
    joined her brother Michael in San Francisco,
    obituary calls her a native of Tralee.

  5. Thomas O'Callaghan,
    bapt 8 March 1835 [Tralee RC par records], sp James O'Callaghan and Catherine O'Slattery.

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