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Dr. William O'Sullivan

Wedding of William O'Sullivan and Phyllis Scott, 1955.
From Irish Times, Fri 15 Apr 1955.
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Dr. William O'Sullivan,
Bill, Billy, "Dr. Billy",
born 13 Mar 1911.
He was educ Clongowes.
International rugby player.
International amateur golfer.
Became a doctor in Killarney, like his father.
Lived in Inch House, Killarney.

He mar Thur 14 Apr 1955 to Phyllis Scott [poss. Phylis, of Killarney].
They mar at University Church, St.Stephen's Green, Dublin.
He was still practicing as a doctor in 1985.
He was the last one to live in Inch House.
He left Inch House some time before 1996. Stayed in Killarney.
He died mid-Nov 2000, age 89 yrs.
They had issue:

  1. Norrie O'Sullivan, mar Tim Buxton.

  2. Billy O'Sullivan, mar Hilary O'Sullivan and had issue:
    1. Lisa O'Sullivan.
    2. Kerrie O'Sullivan.
    3. Daniel O'Sullivan.
    4. William O'Sullivan.

  3. Miriam O'Sullivan, mar Allister McFarland and had issue:
    1. Alexander McFarland.

  4. Simon O'Sullivan, mar Sandy Hiyane and had issue:
    1. William O'Sullivan.
    2. Scott O'Sullivan.
    3. Cormac O'Sullivan.

  5. Sally O'Sullivan, mar Ivan Mulcahy.

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