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Dr. William O'Sullivan

(Left) Dr. Bill O'Sullivan. From 1905 photo.
(Right) Norrie O'Mara. From 1910 photo.

Dr. William O'Sullivan,
Dr. Bill O'Sullivan,
born 3 Aug 1873, Batterfield (between Killarney and Tralee), Co.Kerry,
educ St.Brendan's, Killarney,
educ Queens College, Cork (medicine).

Rugby and Gaelic football player:
Bill captained Queens College Cork in Munster Senior Rugby Cup in 1895.
He played rugby for Ireland for one match in March 1895.
He played Gaelic football for Dr Crokes club, Killarney, in 1890s.
Also played Gaelic football for Co.Kerry.
He played for Dr Crokes in the final of the Kerry Senior Football Championship for 1900 (final 2 Dec 1900), when they lost.
Dr Crokes won the Kerry Senior Football Championship the following year (the year 1901, final played Aug 1902). This was their first County title. Dr. Bill appears in winning photo, but he is no longer playing, but now team doctor / trainer.
He was team doctor for Kerry's first All-Ireland winning team, year 1903, final played 12 November 1905.

Dr. Bill qualified in Scotland as L.R.C.P.Ed. and L.R.C.S.Ed. and L.F.P.S.G. (Licentiate of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow).
He was a doctor in Killarney, Co.Kerry. For almost 60 years he served as Medical Officer of Killarney No.2 District (which included the local District Hospital).
He was one of the Coroners for Co.Kerry. He covered East Co.Kerry.
Listed in 1901 census as living with his uncle Michael O'Sullivan in Killarney. He is "General Practitioner" and "Coroner for County Kerry".
He was living Killarney at mar.

He mar 1904 to Norrie O'Mara [born 3rd Mar 1880].
All children born Killarney.
He lived Inch House, New St, Killarney. There by 1908. Had private practice at Inch House.
Listed in [Thom's, 1910] as doctor in Killarney, and one of the Coroners for Co.Kerry.
See telegram from "Nor" in Killarney in Aug 1910 to congratulate sister Nell on forthcoming marriage.
See entry in [Census, 1911], he is listed as "General Practitioner", living house number 59 in New Street (Lower), Killarney (Inch House). They have 2 nurses, a governess, and 3 other servants. The house has 13 rooms, 14 windows in front of house.
He had a house in Dooks (Dooaghs), Glenbeigh, near Killorglin, Co.Kerry (see map).

Free State Senator:
In the War of Independence 1919-21, Dr. Bill was under threat from the Black and Tans because of his nationalist sympathies. He left Killarney for a time.
Biography says he was exiled to Newcastle, and during this exile he took his M.D. at Edinburgh.
Strongly pro-Treaty, he was a Senator in the first (1922) Free State Senate. See list of members at first meeting, 11 Dec 1922.
His house in Dooks [NOT Inch House] was burnt down by the IRA [NOT by the Black and Tans] during the Civil War because he was a Free Stater. The house was rebuilt on the same site.
He served as Senator from 1922 until Senate abolished 1936. See record and contributions.

Norrie died 25th Apr 1938, Bon Secours Hospital, Cork, age 58 yrs,
bur Muckross Abbey, Killarney, (todo) see grave.
He died 3rd Mar 1953 (his wife's birthday), Inch House, age 79 yrs,
bur Muckross Abbey.
Dr. Bill and Norrie had issue:

  1. Moll O'Sullivan,
    Mary, Mollie, Poll,
    born Killarney, 6th July 1905,
    living Dooks, Co.Kerry, as at 1992 and at her death 1996,
    died 24th Feb 1996, nursing home, Killorglin, Co.Kerry, age 90 yrs, bur Muckross Abbey.

  2. Nell O'Sullivan,
    Ellen, born Killarney, 7th July 1906,
    mar Tom Purcell and had issue:

    1. Elizabeth Purcell.

    2. Joan Purcell, mar David Stone and had issue.

    3. Mary Purcell, mar Frank Shields and had issue:
      1. Frank Shields.
      2. Catrina Shields, mar Bob Mc Carthy and had issue.
      3. Mark Shields.
      4. Cormack Shields.
      5. Conor Shields.

  3. Noreen O'Sullivan,
    born Inch Ho, Killarney, 22nd Jan 1908 [NOT 1907],
    listed as "Nora", age 3, in [Census, 2 April 1911],
    mar Robin Hilliard and had issue.

  4. Marcus O'Sullivan,
    Marcus Mary, born Inch Ho, Killarney, 17th Mar 1909 [NOT 1910],
    listed as age 2 in [Census, 2 April 1911].

  5. William O'Sullivan,
    Bill, Billy, William Mary, "Dr. Billy",
    born Killarney, 13th Mar 1911, Inch Ho, Killarney,
    educ Clongowes,
    mar Phyllis Scott,
    had issue:

    1. Norrie O'Sullivan, mar Tim Buxton.
    2. Billy O'Sullivan, mar Hilary O'Sullivan and had issue:
      1. Lisa O'Sullivan.
      2. Kerrie O'Sullivan.
      3. Daniel O'Sullivan.
      4. William O'Sullivan.
    3. Miriam O'Sullivan, mar Allister McFarland and had issue:
      1. Alexander McFarland.
    4. Simon O'Sullivan, mar Sandy Hiyane and had issue:
      1. William O'Sullivan.
      2. Scott O'Sullivan.
      3. Cormac O'Sullivan.
    5. Sally O'Sullivan, mar Ivan Mulcahy.

  6. Betty O'Sullivan,
    Elizabeth Mary, Elizabeth, Liz,
    born Inch House, New St, Killarney, 24 July 1912, see birth in [GROI],
    died 12 Nov 1930, Inch House, Killarney, of influenza, age 18 yrs [GROI].

  7. Stephen O'Sullivan,
    Stephen Mary, Steen,
    born Inch Ho, Killarney, 4th Aug 1914,
    educ Clongowes,
    worked with Sunbeam Wolsey (the big Cork mill and textile company, NOT car company),
    mar Vivienne Lord [born 1920],
    died 30th Mar 1989, Bon Secours Hospital, Cork, age 74 yrs, bur Catholic cemetery, Killorglin,
    Vivienne died 16th Aug 1994, age 74 yrs,
    had issue:

    1. Dorothy O'Sullivan, mar Kieran Murray and had issue:
      1. Stephen Murray.
      2. Thomas Murray, mar Catherine Green.
    2. Rosemary O'Sullivan, mar Aenas Foley and had issue:
      1. Vivienne Foley.
      2. 2 sons, Foley.
    3. Stephen O'Sullivan, mar Mary Pat McLoughlin and had issue:
      1. Stephen O'Sullivan.
      2. 3 sons, O'Sullivan.
      3. (dau) O'Sullivan.
    4. Billy O'Sullivan, mar Angela Cooney and had issue.
    5. Michael O'Sullivan, mar and had issue:
      1. 2 daus, O'Sullivan.
    6. Richard O'Sullivan, mar Patricia ---- and had issue:
      1. Richard O'Sullivan.
      2. Andrew O'Sullivan.
      3. Julianne O'Sullivan.
    7. Paddy O'Sullivan.
    8. Margaret O'Sullivan, mar and had issue:
      1. Stephen ---.
      2. John ---.

  8. Catherine O'Sullivan,
    Kate, Caff, Kaf, "Kafir", "Kaffir", "The Kaffir",
    born Killarney, 1916,
    mar 1stly to David Barry and had issue:
    1. Stephanie Barry, mar Patrick Gubbins and had issue:
      1. David Gubbins.
      2. Patricia Gubbins.
      3. Joe Gubbins.
      4. Barbara Gubbins.
    mar 2ndly to John Clementson and had issue:
    1. John Clementson, mar Kate ---.

  9. Nancy O'Sullivan,
    Anne, born Killarney, 1918,
    mar Paddy Galvin and had issue.

Irish rugby team, 1895.
Dr. Bill O'Sullivan played one match for them, in 1895.
He might be front, 2nd from RHS.

Dr Crokes County Football Champions 1901.
Dr. Bill O'Sullivan is in suit, back row centre.
Formerly here.

Dr. Bill O'Sullivan. Close-up of above.
Formerly in biography.

Dr. William O'Sullivan of Killarney listed on p.914 of [Thom's, 1910].
It also shows Dr. William O'Sullivan of Limerick, who married Norrie's 1st cousin, Daisy O'Mara.

Dr. William O'Sullivan listed as one of the Coroners for Co.Kerry on p.1195 of [Thom's, 1910].

Nell O'Sullivan.

O'Sullivan and O'Mara group.
Standing (back): ---, Stephen O'Mara
Standing: Jim O'Mara, Harry de Courcy
Middle: ---, Moll O'Sullivan, Nell O'Sullivan, ---
Front: ---, Monica Delany

Inch House, New St, Killarney

Inch House, New St, Killarney, Co.Kerry.
Inch is the townland to the N side of New St. See 1829 to 1842 map.
Inch House was the home of Rev. Frank Hewson (born 1809, died 1879).
See HEWSON in [Burkes Irish, 1976].

Inch House was later the home of Dr. Bill O'Sullivan. There by 1908.
Family lived upstairs. Doctor's office downstairs.
Dr. Bill died at Inch House in 1953.
Inch House was demolished around 1996-1997.
The site is now Dunnes Stores.

Not to be confused with Inch House, Ballinvoher par, Dingle peninsula [Houses of Kerry].

Inch House (red cross), New St, Killarney, on 1887 to 1913 map.

Inch House (the RHS house with railings).
Photo courtesy of Simon O'Sullivan.
The house is vanished. The site is now Dunnes Stores. See street view.

Group photo of Free Staters at back of Inch House, Killarney, 22 Apr 1922. (Just before the Civil War.)
Front row (Left to Right): Kevin O'Higgins (assassinated 1927), Rev. Fr. Fidelis, Norrie O'Mara, Sean Mac Eoin, William O'Sullivan (in front, born 1911), Michael Collins (killed Aug 1922), Mrs. P.D. Moynihan, Dr. Bill O'Sullivan, Fr. D.F. O'Sullivan, Marcus O'Sullivan (born 1909).

See full list of people.
Photo from Billy Hilliard.
See also copy here.

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