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Pictures of James O'Mara

Pictures of James O'Mara (born 1873, died 1948).

James O'Mara as a child, 1870s.
See larger and full size.

James O'Mara, must be late 1880s.
See full size.

Stephen O'Mara, his wife and children, must be 1890 (by age of Kat).
James is back RHS.
See close-up of James.

James O'Mara, 1898.
From this picture.
See larger and full size.

James O'Mara (LHS) arriving in America in Mar 1922 as a representative of the new Irish Free State.
With Piaras Beaslai and another.
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See reverse. Date 17 Mar 1922.

James O'Mara and Liam Mellows (executed by the Free State in December 1922).
Mellows was a good friend, and O'Mara tried desperately to stop his execution.
See larger and full size.
From here. Original from Capuchin Annual 1972.

James O'Mara giving a speech, Feb 1924.
In the run-up to the by-election of 12 Mar 1924 (which O'Mara won, and became TD for Dublin South).
See full size. From here.

4 generations photo, Nov-Dec 1924.
Stephen O'Mara, James O'Mara, Pat Lavelle, Ruaire Lavelle.

James O'Mara, in bad health.
The Grove, Killiney, 1944.

James O'Mara.
Cashel House, 1948.

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