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30 Maida Hill West, Maida Vale, London

This is now 30 Maida Ave, Maida Vale, Paddington, NW end of central London (see map and map).

30 Maida Ave (LHS of block, with blue plaque), Maida Vale, London.
From Google Maps.
Click to rotate and see pretty location by canal.

30 Maida Hill West was the home of James O'Mara and family.
They lived there from at least 1901.
They left in 1907.

Immediately after O'Maras left in 1907, the poet John Masefield lived here, in 1907-1912.
See search for Masefield at 30 Maida Hill West.
While living there, he wrote many of his major works, including The Tragedy of Nan, The Everlasting Mercy and The Widow in the Bye Street.
In 1939 Maida Hill West became Maida Ave.
Blue plaque erected to commemorate Masefield in 2002 (see here and here).

London in 1903 (when O'Maras lived at 30 Maida Hill West).
From BFI National Archive.

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