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The 1701 Exchequer Bill

"Murrogh O'Rahilly" (who may be Morgan O'Rahilly) appears in this Exchequer Bill, O'Rahilly v Bevill, dated 26 May 1701.
It seems the original Bill was burnt in 1922.
But the summary survives in [NAI] index: Equity Exchequer bill books, 1674 to 1850.
This summary is online here. From Exchequer Court of Equity Bill Books, 1674-1850.

This is the oldest dated item in my entire normal family tree (among my ancestors, not my wife's ancestors, and excluding the Blennerhassett line).

"Murrogh O'Rahilly" in summary of Exchequer Bill, 26 May 1701.
See full page.

Extract from p.xiii of [Dineen and O'Donoghue, 1911].
This mentions the Exchequer Bill of 1701.
Written before the original Bill was burnt in 1922.
It seems the original Bill said Murrogh O'Rahilly was of Annaghilymore, NE side of Raheen, Aghadoe par.

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