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Eugene Daly,
born 1900, in Rosscarbery, Co.Cork, NOT 1908,
mar Margaret McCoy [born 27 Jan 1908, Glin, Co.Limerick],
he was Garda Seargent,
they lived Dublin,
he died 29 Nov 1958, age 58 yrs, NOT 50 yrs,
she died 4 Feb 1987, age 79 yrs,
had issue:

  1. Mary Daly, mar Gabriel Cunnane and had issue:
    1. Finola Cunnane.
    2. Enda Cunnane.
    3. Gaye Cunnane.
    4. Aidan Cunnane, mar Dawn Behan.

  2. Margaret Daly, mar Alan Evans.

  3. Anne Daly, mar Denis Barry and had issue:
    1. Eugenia Barry.
    2. Geraldine Barry, mar Tony McMahon.
    3. Nuala Barry.
    4. Denis Barry, mar Sarah Franklin.

  4. Veronica Daly, mar Laurie Duffy and had issue:
    1. Therese Duffy, mar Michael Hausler.
    2. Joe Duffy, mar Elizabetha ----.

  5. Patrick Daly, mar Connie ---- and had issue:
    1. Mattie Daly.
    2. Meg Daly, mar Danny McCabe and had issue:
      1. Jake McCabe.
      2. Paddy McCabe.
      3. Tessa McCabe.

  6. Monica Daly, mar Melville McCormack and had issue:
    1. Eugene McCormack.
    2. Jimmy McCormack.
    3. Mike McCormack.
    4. Barbara McCormack, mar Joe Moitoza.

  7. Josephine Daly, mar Ray Jones and had issue:
    1. Christopher Jones, mar Michelle Handrahan and had issue:
      1. Rachel Jones.
      2. Camille Jones.
      3. Ruby Jones.

  8. Frances Daly,
    mar 1stly to Derek Nicolls,
    mar 2ndly to Pat Donnelly.

  9. Noel Daly.
    DNA match to Niall Humphreys.
    He mar Barbara Olson and had issue:

    1. Brian Daly, mar Crystal ---- and had issue:
      1. Kaelyn Daly.
      2. Connor Daly.
    2. Beth Daly, mar Jim Barton and had issue:
      1. Maggie Barton.
      2. Jack Barton.

  10. Eleanor Daly,
    mar Peter Green.

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