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Patrick McCoy

Wedding of Patrick McCoy and Margaret O'Connor in 1907.
See larger and full size.
Courtesy of Mary McCoy.

Patrick McCoy,
Pat, Paddy,
born 23 Mar 1872, Glin, Co.Limerick.
He sp bapt of his niece Bridget Fitzgerald 1889.
Gaelic football player. Played for Glin. He was Captain of the Glin team.
He did NOT play for Limerick county. That would be confusion with his nephew Paddy Scanlan the hurler.
Living at home unmarried in 1901 census.
"Pat McCoy of Glin" was referee for Tarbert Rovers v. Ballylongford (football) in Tarbert, Sun 13th Oct 1901.

He mar 1907 to Margaret O'Connor [Margaret Mary O'Connor, born late 1873, from Tarbert, Co.Kerry].
He ran the McCoy family pub and shop, Main St, Glin.
He is grocer and draper, Glin, at birth of dau in 1908.
He is grocer, Glin, at birth of children in 1908-1918.
They are listed in Main St, Glin, in [Census, 1911]. He is listed as "shopkeeper".
Patrick died 20 Dec 1923, age 51 yrs.

Margaret ran the business after his death.
Patrick was listed as "general merchant" (deceased) at dau's mar 1936.
Margaret died 11 Feb 1966, age 92 yrs.
Both bur Kilfergus Cemetery, near Glin.
Patrick and Margaret had issue:

  1. Margaret McCoy,
    Margaret Mary, born 27 Jan 1908 in Glin, NOT 22 Jan.
    See birth cert from here.
    She mar Eugene Daly and had issue.

  2. Hanna McCoy,
    Hannah Catherine, Hanora Catherine,
    born Glin, 26 Nov 1908 (NOT 1909).
    She was born 10 months after her sibling, in same calendar year. Her mother got pregnant immediately after childbirth.
    See birth cert from here.
    She went as "Hanna". Spelt "Hanna" on the McCoy memorial. Though spelt "Hannah" at birth, in 1911 census and on her own grave.
    She is described as "shopkeeper" at mar, living Main St, Glin.
    She and her husband took over running the McCoy family pub and shop, Main St, Glin.
    She mar 1936 to her double 2nd cousin James Barrett [born 11 Dec 1907] and had issue.

  3. Mary McCoy,
    born Glin, 19 Dec 1909.
    See birth cert from here.
    She died same day, 19 Dec 1909, Glin, age 12 hours.
    See death cert from here.
    She was bur Kilfergus Cemetery.
    The (modern) McCoy gravestone lists her as "Mary McCoy, 1909-1910". This is simply an error.

  4. Elizabeth McCoy,
    Elizabeth Mary, born 14 December 1910, Glin.
    See birth cert from here.
    She mar William J. Murtagh [born 1903 in Rotunda Hospital, Dublin].
    He died 26 Apr 1973, age 70 yrs.
    She died 19 June 1976, age 65 yrs.
    They had issue:

    1. Paddy Murtagh.

    2. Renee Murtagh, mar Con Cummins and had issue:
      1. Conleth Cummins.
      2. John Cummins.
      3. Catherine Cummins.
      4. Garrett Cummins, mar Yvonne Quinlivan and had issue:
        1. Caoimhe Cummins.
        2. Conor Cummins.
        3. Daniel Cummins.
      5. Maria Cummins.

    3. Mairead Murtagh, mar Alan Coll and had issue:
      1. Austin Coll.
    4. Dympha Murtagh, mar Neil Rowe and had issue:
      1. Lisa Rowe.
      2. Andrea Rowe.
    5. Imelda Murtagh, mar Richard Kittel.
    6. John Murtagh.
    7. Frances Murtagh.
    8. Amelia Murtagh.
    9. Liam Murtagh.

    10. Edward Paul Murtagh, mar Catherine Kelly and had issue:
      1. Niall Murtagh, mar Sarah Roe and had issue:
        1. Emily Murtagh.
      2. Owen Murtagh.
      3. Stephen Murtagh.

    11. Maria Murtagh, mar Alan Condell and had issue:
      1. Georgina Condell, mar Bryan Pickering.

  5. Nellie McCoy,
    Ellen Mary, born 4 August 1912, Glin.
    See birth cert from here.
    She mar 1938 to Steve O'Donnell [Stephen, born 1912 in Tarbert, Co.Kerry].
    Children born Glin.
    Family emigrated to USA 1948.
    He worked in butchers business with his brothers in Chicago.
    Nellie died 2004, age 92 yrs.
    They had issue:

    1. Margaret O'Donnell, mar Walter Jack McCarthy and had issue:
      1. Cathy McCarthy, mar --- Wilson and had issue:
        1. Megan McCarthy Wilson.
        2. Kyle McCarthy Wilson.
      2. Beth McCarthy, mar Sean Smith and had issue:
        1. Margaret Marie Smith.
        2. Jonathon Smith.
        3. Nellie Smith.
      3. Michael Lawrence McCarthy, mar Audrey Folloder.

    2. Paddy O'Donnell, mar Patricia McCarthy and had issue:
      1. Stephen O'Donnell.
      2. Mary Ellen O'Donnell, mar Jeffrey Eichhorn.
      3. Con O'Donnell, mar Carissa ----.
      4. Margaret O'Donnell, mar Louis Manetti.
    3. Thomas O'Donnell, mar Cathy ----.

    4. Ann O'Donnell, mar Lynn Bock and had issue:
      1. Eileen Bock, mar Scot Balch and had issue:
        1. Ashlyn Balch.
        2. Kaelyn Balch.
        3. Hannah Balch.
      2. Brian Bock, mar Colleen Shanahan and had issue:
        1. Genieve Bock.
        2. Sean Bock.
      3. Maureen Bock, mar Ryan Welsh and had issue:
        1. Colin Welsh.
        2. Tanner Welsh.
        3. Katheryn Welsh.
        4. Lauryn Welsh.

  6. Ursula McCoy,
    Catherine Mary Ursula McCoy, after her aunt the nun,
    born Glin, 3 September 1914.
    See birth cert from here.
    She mar Daniel Joe McGrath.
    She died Oct 1969, age 55 yrs.
    He died Feb 1979.
    They had issue:

    1. Dan McGrath.
    2. Caroline McGrath, mar Tom ----.
    3. Desmond John McGrath, mar Caroline Buckle and had issue:
      1. Danny McGrath.
      2. Michael McGrath.

  7. John Joseph McCoy,
    born 19 April 1918, Glin.
    See birth cert from here.
    He died 23 July 1918, Glin, age 3 months.
    See death cert from here.
    He was bur Kilfergus Cemetery.
    The (modern) McCoy gravestone lists him as "John Patrick McCoy, 1916-1916". This is simply an error.

Patrick McCoy, Gaelic football player.
See larger and full size. From Mary McCoy.


Patrick McCoy grave, Kilfergus Cemetery, near Glin


Grave of Patrick McCoy, Kilfergus Cemetery, near Glin.
See full size. From
See close-up. From Stephen Barrett.

Newer McCoy gravestone, Kilfergus Cemetery, near Glin.
See larger and full size.
Photo 2014 courtesy of Stephen Barrett.
See wider shot from

Close-up of the picture of Patrick McCoy and Margaret O'Connor on the new gravestone.

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