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Albert Sage,
Albert Russell Sage,
mar Margaret McEntee [Margaret Nestor McEntee],
had issue:

Albert A. Sage,
Albert Alexis Sage, born 8 Apr 1886, Port Huron, Michigan.
He mar c.1916 to Margaret Ryan [born 30 Mar 1885].
He was insurance agent.
She was teacher.
They lived Highland Park, Detroit. There by 1917.
He died 21 Mar 1938, Highland Park, Detroit, age 51 yrs.
He was bur 24 Mar 1938, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfield, Michigan.
Margaret still living Highland Park at death 1944.
She died Harper Hospital, Detroit, 30 Apr 1944, age 59 yrs.
They had issue:

  1. Albert J. Sage, mar Jean Lavelle Moehlig and had issue:
    1. Robert Moehlig Sage.
    2. Thomas Albert Sage.
    3. Stephen J. Sage.

  2. William James Sage, mar Martha Montgomery and had issue:
    1. Sue Ann Sage, mar Lawrence James Shepanek and had issue:
      1. Matthew Shepanek.
      2. Amy Shepanek.
      3. Elizabeth Shepanek.
    2. Margaret Ellen Sage, mar James Mc Donough.
    3. William J. Sage.
    4. John Howard Sage, mar Maureen Therese O'Hare.
    5. Christine Louise Sage.

  3. James Francis Sage, mar Margaret Estep and had issue:
    1. James Patrick Sage, mar Julie Marie Kowalczyk and had issue:
      1. Jim Sage.
      2. Nicholas Lawrence Sage.
      3. Samantha Marie Sage.
    2. Cynthia Ann Sage, mar Steve Lawson.

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