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James Cahill Ryan and Ellen Patt.
Pictures courtesy of Kevin Gilfether.

James Ryan,
of Emly, Emly par, Barony of Clanwilliam, Co.Tipperary,
and/or of "Killeenalive" (must be Killeenagallive, Templebredon par, Barony of Clanwilliam, Co.Tipperary).
Killeenagallive is on border with Co.Limerick, N of Emly and S of Pallasgreen, Co.Limerick.
He mar Mary Cahill.
He died 1840-1845.
Mary mar 2ndly, 1845, to Nicholas Power.
James and Mary had issue:

James Cahill Ryan,
just "James Ryan" on mar cert,
think born Emly,
think bapt 28 Aug 1841 [Pallasgreen RC par records].
His father died when he was young.
Listed as "cooper", living Ballylongford, Co.Kerry, at mar 1867.
He mar 17 Sept 1867 to Ellen Patt [born 1848].
They lived Ballylongford, Co.Kerry.
He is listed as a "cooper" at Ballylongford in [Slater's directory, 1870].
Emigrates to US, 1873: He emigrated to US in 1873, leaving Ellen and children in Ireland.
He worked for Armour and Co. or Swift and Co. in stock yard area of Chicago.
Before 1880 he moved to Muskegon, Muskegon County, Michigan (shore of Lake Michigan).
Ellen took the children and followed husband to US, June 1880 [her mother's letter, 1881].
She had very rough crossing. Ship had so much trouble it had to be towed to Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada). Landed ultimately in NYC.
James and Ellen lived Muskegon.
Their son Michael died soon after arrival.
James was founder of Muskegon's first cooperage establishment, "which prospered over the years" [Richard Emmet Ryan].
1902 envelope shows James Ryan, cooperage, 55 Hamburg St, Muskegon, Michigan.
He died 10 Sept 1904, Muskegon, age 63 yrs.
He was bur St.Mary's cemetery, Muskegon.
Ellen died 22 Aug 1935, age 87 yrs, at her home, 1386 Ransom St, Muskegon, Michigan.
She was bur St.Mary's cemetery, Muskegon.
They had issue:

  1. Michael Ryan,
    Michael Joseph, Mick,
    born Ballylongford, 28 Sept 1869.
    He was possibly named after his mother's uncle Michael Joseph Rahilly (died 1849) and 1st cousin Dr. Michael Joseph Rahilly (died 1866), both of Ballylongford too.
    He died 13 Nov 1881, Muskegon, age 12 yrs, of typhoid or diphtheria.
    He was bur St.Mary's cemetery, Muskegon.
    His grandmother's letter, 1886 refers to "darling little Mick".

  2. Molly Ryan,
    Mary Anne, Mary Ann, or Mollie, or Marie,
    born 1871, Ballylongford,
    mar Muskegon to Nicholas Carey,
    she was Red Cross nurse in WWI,
    lived Muskegon,
    she died Muskegon 1938, age 67 yrs,
    bur St.Mary's cemetery, Muskegon.

  3. James Patrick Ryan,
    born 27th Feb 1873 [his death cert], Ballylongford, Co.Kerry,
    grew up Muskegon, Michigan.

  4. Thomas Francis Ryan, must be after grandfather,
    born 16th Jan 1883, Muskegon,
    died 6th Dec 1889, Muskegon, age 6 yrs, of typhoid or diphtheria,
    bur St.Mary's cemetery, Muskegon.

  5. Elizabeth Ryan,
    must be after grandmother,
    born Muskegon,
    worked with U.S. Food Administration,
    didn't marry,
    as at 1935 was high school teacher in Highland Park, Detroit (where her sister Margaret lived).

    She must be:

    Elizabeth F. Ryan,
    born 8 Nov 1880,
    died 29 Dec 1952, age 72 yrs,
    listed on the Ryan grave in St.Mary's cemetery, Muskegon, Michigan. See photo.

  6. Margaret Ryan,
    Margaret Ellen Ryan, born Muskegon, 30 Mar 1885.
    Lived Lawrence, Michigan, for a time.
    She mar c.1916, Lawrence, Michigan, to Albert A. Sage and had issue.

  7. Daniel William Ryan,
    or William D. Ryan,
    born Muskegon.
    In WWI he was stationed at Camp Kearny, CA, as was his brother.
    As at 1935 he was in U.S. veteran's hospital, Dayton, Ohio (the "National Soldiers Home" or "National Military Home", now Dayton VA Medical Center).
    He didn't marry.
    He died 1943.

James Cahill Ryan listed as a "cooper" at Ballylongford under TARBERT in [Slater's directory, 1870].
Shortly before he went to America.

Envelope of 1902 from James Cahill Ryan's cooperage, 55 Hamburg St, Muskegon.
The envelope is addressed to his daughter Elizabeth Ryan in New York.
Picture courtesy of Kevin Gilfether.

Hamburg St, Muskegon, on pp.46-47 of Standard atlas of Muskegon County, Michigan (1900).
Hamburg St is now Catherine Ave. See modern map.


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