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House of Tudor

Margaret Beaufort.
From here and here.

Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond,
mar Margaret Beaufort [descendant of Aoife Mac Murrough],
Margaret founded Christ's College, Cambridge 1505,
she also founded St.John's College, Cambridge 1511,
had issue:

Henry VII (see here), reigned 1485-1509,
had no valid claim to the throne (having descended from the Beaufort illegitimacy),
but seized it anyway by force (at Bosworth, 1485, from the House of York),
and then cemented it by marrying one of the legitimate claimants,
mar 1486 to Elizabeth Plantagenet [descendant of Aoife Mac Murrough],
had issue:

  1. Margaret Tudor (see here), mar James IV, King of Scotland and had issue [Scottish House of Stuart].

  2. Henry VIII, reigned 1509-47.

  3. Mary Tudor, mar Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk and had issue.

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