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The musical career of Francis Sharp (died 1783)

The musical career and interests of Francis Sharp of Stamford (died 1783).
Items from 1761 to 1780.

Francis Sharp of Stamford subscribed to Lessons for the Harpsichord, by John Jones, vol.1 (1761) and vol.2 (c.1765).

An ad dated 1 Sept 1762 for Five Concertos, by Henry Hargrave.
Shows Francis Sharp, of Stamford, as one of the agents.
Francis Sharp, Stamford, was also one of the subscribers to this work.
From p.431 of The London Chronicle, Volume 12, 1762.
See another copy from here. Neither copy is great quality.

Mr. F. Sharp subscribed to Six Lessons for the Harpsichord, by Samuel Wise, published c.1763 or c.1765.
See [Fleming, RMA, 2019].

Francis Sharp, Stamford, subscribed to Sei Madrigali (1765 edn) by Giovanni Carlo Maria Clari.

Ad in Stamford Mercury, 17 January 1765.
Shows Francis Sharp running a forthcoming "Second Subscription Concert", 22 January 1765.
See transcript in [Fleming, 2017, p.65].
Fleming says the location is the Assembly Rooms, St George's Square, which survives. See street view.

From Stamford Mercury, 6 June 1765.

Mr. Sharpe, of Stamford, is listed among the subscribers to Six Trios for two German Flutes or two Violins by Giovanni Giacomo Androux.
UVA library says it was published 1766.

From Stamford Mercury, 26 March 1767.

From Stamford Mercury, 4 June 1767.

From Stamford Mercury, 9 June 1768.

From Stamford Mercury, 8 March 1770.

"Mr. F. Sharpe" of Stamford in a forthcoming concert in Nottingham, to be held on 13 Oct 1772.
From The Leicester and Nottingham Journal, 3 Oct 1772.

From Stamford Mercury, 11 June 1778.

From Stamford Mercury, 28 December 1780.

Published music


A notice announcing Twelve Minuets for two violins and a bass, published by F. Sharp of Stamford in 1772.
From The Public Advertiser, 14 Sept 1772.

"Three Minuets by Francis Sharp of Stamford".
Performed in 2022 by the Baroque Ensemble of Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College, Darlington, Durham.
(This is run by Simon Fleming.)
These are, we think, the 1772 minuets.



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