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Francis Sharp (died 1783)

St. George's St, Stamford (on LHS) and St.George's church (on RHS).
Francis Sharp (died 1783) was churchwarden of St.George's church.
In 1785 and 1786 Francis Sharp junior is listed on St. George's St. That may be his late father's house.
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Francis Sharp,
born 1724.
See entry in Hutchens family tree. See also entry in Ancestry tree.
See entry in tree by Shirley Jones.
He was a musician .
He acted as a "wait" (town musician) for the town of Stamford, Lincolnshire.
[Fleming, 2017] says that he acquired his freedom (from apprenticeship) on 28 May 1746. At this time he was employed as a wait.

He mar pre-1749 to Mary ---- [born 1717, by age at death].
See Francis Sharp's musical career and interests (items from 1761 to 1780).
He was churchwarden of St.George's church, Stamford.
He was paid 5s 6d by St George's in 1761 for services unknown.
He ran concerts at Stamford. [Fleming, 2017, p.65] says the earliest reference to one of his concerts is 1765, but this may reflect loss of newspaper records, and he probably ran concerts at Stamford from some years before that date.
He would be F. Sharp of Stamford who published his own music, Twelve Minuets for two violins and a bass, in 1772.

Francis dies, 1783:
He died Stamford, Sat 29 Mar 1783.
He was bur 31 Mar 1783 at St.George's church, Stamford.
The church burial record, which normally says almost nothing about the dead, describes him as: "a most excellent and skillful musician".
Obituary in Stamford Mercury, Thur 3 April 1783. Describes him as "Francis Sharp, senior, musician". Says he died last Saturday, age 59.

Mary helped continue the Stamford concerts after his death, with her son Francis.
See ad for a forthcoming concert organised by "Francis Sharp and his Mother", Stamford Mercury, 14 January 1785.

Mary dies, 1788:
She died Stamford, Sun 17 Aug 1788.
She was bur 19 Aug 1788, St.George's church, Stamford.
Obituary in Stamford Mercury, Fri 22 August 1788. Says she died last Sunday, age 71.
Francis and Mary had issue:

  1. Francis Sharp,
    twin, bapt 8 July 1749, St.George's church, Stamford.
    He was a musician.

  2. Mary Sharp,
    twin, bapt 8 July 1749, St.George's church, Stamford.

  3. Ann Sharp,
    bapt 11 Aug 1750 in St.George's church, Stamford.
    She was bur 22 May 1760, St.George's church, Stamford, age 9 yrs.

  4. Alice Sharp,
    bapt 15 Nov 1751 in St.George's church, Stamford.
    She mar 5 Nov 1776 to Christopher Fairchild.

  5. Michael Sharp,
    bapt 22 Jan 1753 in St.George's church, Stamford.
    He was a musician.

  6. Elizabeth Sharp,
    bapt 23 Apr 1754 in St.George's church, Stamford.
    She mar 15 Oct 1777 to James Aveling [bapt 10 Sep 1755] and had issue.
    They mar in St George's, Stamford.

  7. Sarah Sharp,
    bapt 18 Dec 1755, Saint George's, Stamford.
    She had a long-term affair from at least early 1776 (her age 20) with the married Robert Hotchkin.
    She had three children with him during the time they were having the affair.
    In 1792 his wife died and they were able to marry.

    She mar 7 June 1792 [her age 36] to Robert Hotchkin, by whom she already had issue, and had further issue.
    They mar at St.George's church, Stamford, Lincolnshire.

  8. Martha Sharp,
    bapt 21 Jan 1757 in St George's, Stamford.
    She died unmarried, 1774, age 17 yrs.
    She was bur 3 June 1774, St George's, Stamford.

  9. Frances Sharp,
    bapt 23 June 1758, St.George's church, Stamford.
    She mar 20 Oct 1779 to Charles Fairchild [bapt 10 Apr 1758] and had issue.
    They mar at St.George's church, Stamford.
    Charles was a musician.

  10. John Sharp,
    or Sharpe,
    bapt 6 Dec 1759, in St George's, Stamford.
    He was a dancing master.

Mr. Sharp, musician, Stamford, selling a harpsichord.
Stamford Mercury, 29 October 1778.

Burial of Francis Sharp, musician, 31 Mar 1783, Stamford.
Describes him as: "a most excellent and skillful musician".
From here.

Obituary of Francis Sharp.
Stamford Mercury, 3 April 1783.
See transcript in [Fleming, 2017, p.65].

Francis Sharp's widow and son Francis organising a concert.
To be held at the Town Hall, Stamford, on 21 Jan 1785.
Stamford Mercury, 14 January 1785.

Burial of Mary, widow of Francis Sharp, musician, 19 Aug 1788, Stamford.
From here.

Obituary of Mary, widow of Francis Sharp.
Stamford Mercury, 22 August 1788.
See transcript in [Fleming, 2017].

Area around St.George's church, Stamford.
The Assembly Rooms (where many Sharp concerts were held).
Going off to top right is St. George's St.
From OS map. Surveyed: 1885. Published: 1886.


Children's baptisms


Baptism of Francis and Mary Sharp, 8 July 1749.
From here.

Baptism of Ann Sharp, 11 Aug 1750.
From here.

Baptism of Alice Sharp, 15 Nov 1751.
From here.

Baptism of Michael Sharp, 22 Jan 1753.
From here.

Baptism of Elizabeth Sharp, 23 Apr 1754.
From here.

Baptism of Sarah Sharp, 18 Dec 1755.
From here.

Baptism of Martha Sharp, 21 Jan 1757.
From here.

Baptism of Frances Sharp, 23 June 1758.
From here.

Baptism of John Sharp, 6 Dec 1759.
From here.



Francis Sharp's musical career



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