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John Sharp

More proof needed for this line

In our family, we have John Sharp, of Stamford, bapt 6 Dec 1759, son of Francis Sharp, musician, and brother of two musicians.
Is he the John Sharp, or Sharpe, of Stamford, who married in 1784 to Elizabeth Woodward?
On the one hand, there are a few John Sharps at Stamford around this time, baptised 1749 to 1762.
On the other hand, this one is a dancing master, so we think he must be John from the musical family.
Also the marriage in 1784 is witnessed by Mary Sharp, who could be our John's sister or mother.
Perhaps some final proof is needed.

John Sharp,
or Sharpe,
bapt 6 Dec 1759.
Signed "Sharp" at marriage. But this line adopted "Sharpe".
He was a dancing master.
He mar 12 Jan 1784 to Elizabeth Woodward.
They mar in Saint Michael's, Stamford.
There was a marriage settlement, dated 8 and 9 Jan 1784, mentioned in Elizabeth's will.
He is described as "John Sharpe" of Stamford, dancing master, in the marriage settlement (according to the will).
They had issue together baptised in 1785 and 1786. But it seems they quickly separated.
Elizabeth had an affair and had a natural son baptised in 1788.
John died before his wife's will 1823.
John and Elizabeth had issue:

  1. Sophia Sharp,
    bapt 6 May 1785 in Saint George's, Stamford.
    See entry from here.
    Name illegible in bapt record, but is given in mother's will.
    Died as an infant, age 13 months.

  2. Elizabeth Sharp,
    bapt 23 Apr 1786 in Saint George's, Stamford.
    See entry from here.
    Listed as of Stamford at mar.
    She mar 27 Oct 1805 to Robert Hill.
    They mar at St.John's, Stamford. See entry from here. Signature seems to be "Sharp".
    He is listed at mar as of Easton on the Hill, Northamptonshire (near Stamford, where her half-brother had been born in 1788).
    Oddly, there is a second marriage entry on 25 Dec 1805 at Easton on the Hill. See entry from here. Both of them listed as of Easton on the Hill. Signature seems to be "Sharp".

    Her mother's will 1823 says Robert Hill was a weaver, of Easton on the Hill.
    Their son died 1809.
    He is probably Robert Hill who was bur 25 Sep 1810, Easton on the Hill.
    Elizabeth Hill was bur 4 July 1820, Easton on the Hill, age 35 (born 1785).
    They both died before her mother's will 1823.
    They had issue:

    1. Robert Hill.
      Robert Hill junior, died 13 Dec 1809 of scarlet fever. See death notice from the Stamford Mercury, 15 Dec 1809.
      Robert Hill, son of Robert and Elizabeth, was bur 15 Dec 1809, Easton on the Hill.
      The will of 1823 says he was an infant, died age 15 years. This is clearly an error for 15 months.

Marriage of John Sharp and Elizabeth Woodward, 12 Jan 1784.
Signed "Sharp".
From here.

An ad for Mr. Sharp, dancing instructor, Stamford.
From Stamford Mercury, 28 Jan 1785.



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