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My wife's ancestors - Sidney - Contents

Robert Sidney, 4th Earl of Leicester

Tomb of 4th Earl and his wife Elizabeth Egerton and their infant children, Penshurst chapel, erected 1704.
Photo 2007. See full size.
From jmc4 on Flickr. Used with permission.

Robert Sidney, 4th Earl of Leicester (see here),
of Penshurst, born 1649,
mar Lady Elizabeth Egerton [born 1652, dau of John Egerton, 2nd Earl of Bridgwater],
she is descendant through Stanley of Henry VII,
died 10th Nov 1702, age 53 yrs [grave, Penshurst chapel],
Elizabeth died 1709, age 57 yrs [grave, Penshurst chapel],
had issue:

  1. Robert Sidney, eldest child, born 1674,
    died 1680, age 6 yrs [grave, Penshurst chapel].

  2. Philip Sidney, 5th Earl of Leicester, born 1676,
    died 24th July 1705, age 29 yrs [grave, Penshurst chapel].

  3. John Sidney, 6th Earl of Leicester, born 1680,
    died 27th Sept 1737, age 57 yrs [grave, Penshurst chapel].

  4. Jocelyn Sidney, 7th Earl of Leicester, born 1684,
    died 7th July 1743, age 59 yrs [grave, Penshurst chapel],
    title extinct.

  5. Frances Sidney, born 1686,
    died 1692, age 6 yrs [grave, Penshurst chapel].

  6. Hon. Thomas Sidney.
    Female-line ancestor of Sidney, Viscount De L'Isle, who inherited Penshurst.

Detail of tomb of 4th Earl and his wife.
Elizabeth Egerton is described as the wife of the 4th Earl, "whose Death she survived seven tedious years, haveing lost in him her better life."
From here.

Tomb of 4th Earl.
Photo 2008. From Roger Lane. Used with permission.

Tomb of 5th Earl

Tomb of the 5th Earl and others, Penshurst chapel.
Photo 2007. See full size.
From jmc4 on Flickr. Used with permission.

Detail of above, showing ancestry back to Edward Grey and Elizabeth Talbot.
Photo 1998.

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