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My wife's ancestors - Stanger - Contents


Pronounced "Stanger" as in "anger".

Barrowden, Rutland.
From old map. Surveyed: 1884. Published: 1885.
See modern satellite view.

Humphrey Stanger,
born 1658, poss. in Harringworth, Northamptonshire,
mar 1stly, 30 Nov 1676, Barrowden, Rutland (across river from Harringworth), to Joan Allen [born in Barrowden],
"slater", lived Barrowden,
Joan died in May 1682, and was buried 20 May 1682 in Barrowden,
mar 2ndly, pre-1684, to Mary ---- [born in 1662],
his will dated 1710,
he died May 1710, age 52 yrs,
buried 10 May 1710 in Barrowden, Rutland,
Mary died 23 Aug 1716, age 54,
he had issue by 2nd wife:

John Stanger,
bapt 28 Nov 1686 in Barrowden,
mar 25 Feb 1712 in Thorpe Malsor, Northamptonshire, to Elizabeth Oliver [born in 1690],
he died June 1745, age 58, buried 22 June 1745 in Barrowden,
she died 1748, age 58, buried 26 June 1748 in Barrowden,
had issue:

Humphrey Stanger,
bapt 22 Nov 1719 in Barrowden,
mar 5 Oct 1746 in Lyddington, Rutland, to Susannah Clarke [or poss. Susanna, born in 1725],
they lived Lyddington,
she died 1780 in Lyddington, age 55, buried 2 Dec 1780 in Lyddington,
he died post-1780,
he poss. died in March 1789, age 69 yrs,
had issue:

  1. Oliver Stanger,
    bapt 13 Oct 1760 in Lyddington, Rutland (or poss. 15th).

Lyddington, Rutland.
From old map. Surveyed: 1884. Published: 1885.
See modern satellite view.

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