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Coughton Court, Coughton, Warwickshire

Coughton Court, at Coughton, S of Birmingham, S of Redditch, N of Alcester.
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Pronounced "Coat-un".

Coughton Court. The W side (the front).
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Coughton, Warwickshire, was seat of de Spineto family in 1300s.
Inherited through marriage by Throckmorton 1409.
The Tudor gatehouse in the centre of the present house was constructed c.1530, in the time of Sir George Throckmorton, Kt.
Seat of the Catholic Throckmortons.
Seat of Throckmortons, Baronets (cr 1642).

Sir Robert Throckmorton, 8th Baronet, of Coughton, was one of the first Catholic MPs after Catholic Emancipation, being elected MP in 1831.
See entry for Coughton in 1871 UK census. Living there are Emily Throckmorton (dau of 8th Baronet) and her husband Gerald Dease.

Baronetcy extinct 1994.
Descendants of Throckmorton still live at Coughton today.

Coughton Court.
From old map. Surveyed: 1885. Published: 1886.

Coughton Court.
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Coughton Court, the W side (the front)

Coughton Court, the E side (the back)

Coughton Court, interior

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