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Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson,
born 1726 or 1733.
He mar Isabel Emslie [born 1744].
They are named as Alexander's parents on his death cert.
"Emslie" on son's death cert. Apparently "Elsmie" on grave.

Peter's grave says he was farmer in Milltown of Auchenhove, Aberdeenshire.
Auchenhove is in Lumphanan par, some distance S of Alford. See map.
However son was born in Alford.
Peter is listed as "farmer" on his son's death cert.
Isabel died 31 Oct 1795, age 51 yrs [grave]. Buried in Alford churchyard.
Peter died 17 Nov 1802 or 1809, age 76 yrs [grave]. Buried in Alford churchyard.
Peter and Isabel had issue:

  1. Alexander Wilson,
    born Alford, Aberdeenshire (according to 1851 census),
    born 1773 (according to death cert and 1851 census) or 1776 (according to 1841 census).
    See entry in tree by Andrew William Moore.
    Moore's tree has Alexander born Chapel of Garioch parish (a couple of parishes NE of Alford, see map).
    There was an Alexander Wilson bapt at Chapel of Garioch in 1774, son of Peter Wilson, but his mother was Elizabeth Anderson. See bapt entry.

    Alexander mar pre-1803 to Elizabeth Craigmile [bapt 13 Apr 1780].
    They lived for some time in Leochel and Cushnie parish (S of Alford parish).
    At dau's bapt 1803 they are living Mains of Fowlis (between Muirhead and South Fowlis, see old map), Leochel and Cushnie parish.
    They moved back to Alford parish.
    At son's bapt 1824 they are living "Westside of Kingsford" (Kingsford, SW of Alford).
    His grave describes him as "sometime farmer in Midmill of Kingsford".
    They are listed in 1841 census at Droichs Burn, some distance SW of Alford (see map). He is "crofter".
    They are listed in 1851 census at Dorsell, SW of Alford (see map). He is "retired farmer".
    He died 11 June 1857, at Dorsell, age 81 or 84 yrs. See death cert. He is "retired farmer".
    He was bur at Alford churchyard with parents.
    Elizabeth died 18 May 1859, Dorsell, age 79 yrs. See death cert. She is "widow of a retired farmer".
    She was bur Alford churchyard.
    Alexander and Elizabeth had issue:

    1. Elizabeth Wilson,
      born Oct 1803,
      bapt 23 Oct 1803, Leochel and Cushnie parish. See bapt entry.

    2. James Wilson,
      born 26 June 1824 [baptism],
      bapt 5 July 1824, Alford. See bapt entry (and full size).
      Emigrated to Australia.

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