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My ancestors - Cashel - Contents

William Henry Cashel

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Irish Times, October 23, 1869.

William Henry Cashel,
William, bapt 16 Nov 1844.

Worked for GSWR, 1866-89:
He worked for Great Southern and Western Railway (GSWR) for 23 years (1866 to 1889). His brother Blennerhassett also worked for GSWR.
William was appointed 21 Mar 1866 [GSWR record].

He was station master at Buttevant, Co.Cork, as at 1869.
Article in Irish Times, October 23, 1869, reports that Lieutenant-Colonel Gildea and the officers of the 81st Regiment presented "a massive gold ring" to "William Henry Cashell", the stationmaster at Buttevant, Co.Cork, for his help in transporting the regiment by rail, "for his civility and readiness on all occasions to oblige anyone belonging to the regiment whilst stationed at Buttevant". The ring bore inscription and date Oct 1869.
He wit his sister's wedding near Buttevant in Apr 1870. She was living Buttevant at the time so he is probably still station master there.
He sp the baptism of Agnes Cashel in Dec 1870.
"William Henry Cashel" sp bapt of his nephew George William Sheahan 1872.
"William Cashel" sp bapt of his nephew David Joseph Sheahan 1874.

He was station master at Parsonstown (now Birr), Co.Offaly, apparently 1874 to 1877.
Apparently moved to Parsonstown in June 1874, when his father's pension address switches to Parsonstown.
His brother Blen took over from him at Parsonstown in 1877.

He was station master at Carlow station 1877 to 1889.
Carlow railway station was a GSWR station at this time.
[Freeman's Journal, 10 Aug 1877, p.5 centre, [NLI] microfilm] reports William Henry's move from the railway station at Parsonstown to Carlow, and his replacement at Parsonstown by his brother Blen.
He was stationmaster, living Railway Station, Carlow town, as at his father's death 1882 [GROI], [NAI].
He didn't marry. He took to drink.
He was "called on to resign" 23 Nov 1889 [GSWR record], age 45, still stationmaster at Carlow at the time.
He is listed as "ex-stationmaster" at death.

His will is dated 22nd Sept 1890.
Transcript of will survives in Limerick will book, [NAI] 4 218 45, p.300. But it is very short. Leaves all property to his brother Blen. Blen also sole executor.
Will witnessed by "Patrick L. Aherne", Mater Hospital, Dublin. (Perhaps he was receiving treatment there?)

He moved in with his brother Blen and family at Carey's Road, Limerick. (Blen was GSWR head at Limerick.)
"William H. Cashel" of Carey's Road, Limerick, was charged at Limerick Petty Sessions on 24 July 1891 with being drunk on the street in Limerick on 16 July 1891. Think case dismissed. Certainly he escaped jail. See p.1 and p.2.

Commits suicide, 1891:
He committed suicide, 28th Oct 1891, Croom, Co.Limerick, age 46 yrs.
Note that Croom was a GSWR station at this time, though he was not working there, he is listed as "ex-stationmaster".
Have searched Limerick Chronicle 29th Oct, not found.
Findings of inquest: "suffocation caused by a self-inflicted wound in his throat whilst in a state of temporary insanity - suicide" [GROI].
Will proved at Limerick, 21st Nov 1891, by his brother Blen [NAI]. See image of entry.

The sad appearance of William Henry Cashel at Limerick Petty Sessions in July 1891.
He killed himself 3 months later.
See full size.


William Henry Cashel was station master at Buttevant, Co.Cork, as at 1869.
Buttevant was a GSWR station at this time.
The station closed 1977 (though the line did not close).
The Buttevant Rail Disaster happened here in 1980.
The main building was demolished in the mid 1990s.

Buttevant station on 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern map and street view.

Remains of part of the main station building at Buttevant.
Photo 2006. See full size and original.
From Eiretrains. Used with permission.

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