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My wife's ancestors - Day - Contents


Anne Day, age 60 (must be mother of Charles) listed with Charles Day in London in 1841 census.

John Day.
"Stone Mason" [according to Sarah Hotchkin's will].
He mar 1802 to Ann Fairchild [bapt 15 May 1780, Stamford, Lincolnshire].
Living Cambridge for children's births 1803 to 1809.
In 1826 the will of Ann's aunt Sarah Hotchkin refers to her niece "Ann the wife of John Day ... Stone Mason" and says that John and Ann were then living Stamford, Lincolnshire.

He possibly died pre-1841.
She must be "Anne Day", age 60, born outside Middlesex, listed as staying with her son Charles in Westminster, London, in [UK census, 1841].
He is probably NOT John Day, carpenter, age 60 (born 1781, Cambridgeshire) who is listed in [UK census, 1841] at 5 Bencher Row (unidentified), parish of St Andrew the Less, Cambridge. This John is listed as living with Sarah Day, age 50 (born 1791, Cambridgeshire), but doesn't say what their relationship is.
John and Ann had issue:

  1. Frances Day,
    bapt 14 Aug 1803, NOT 1804, St.Botolph's church, E side of Trumpington St, Cambridge (see map and Street View).

  2. Mary Ann Day,
    bapt 25 Nov 1804, St.Botolph's church, Cambridge,
    she might be Mary Day, laundress, age 37 (born 1804, Cambridgeshire), who is listed in [UK census, 1841] at 159 East Rd, in parish of St Andrew the Less, Cambridge (see map), listed as living with Robert Day, age 35 (born 1806, Cambridgeshire), occupation illegible, census doesn't say what their relationship is, but if wife then Day would not be her maiden name so this would not be her,
    she might be Mary Ann Day, bur St Clements, Cambridge, 1895, age 84 (born 1811), (todo) see.

  3. Martha Day,
    bapt 22 June 1806, St.Botolph's church, Cambridge.

  4. Charles Day,
    born Cambridge,
    bapt 15 Jan 1809, St.Botolph's church, Cambridge.

St.Botolph's church, Cambridge.
Charles Day was bapt here 1809.
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