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My wife's ancestors - Day - Contents

Charles Day

Charles Day listed on p.816 of [Clark, 1850, Volume 2] as one of the foremen of masons on the construction of the Britannia Bridge over the Menai Strait, Wales.

Charles Day,
bapt 15 Jan 1809, Cambridge,
He was living E side of Cambridge at marriage 1829.
He mar 26 Jan 1829, Cambridge, to Eliza Turner [bapt 9 Jan 1812].
They lived Cambridge, children born there 1829 to 1838.
They moved to London, children born there 1841 to 1845-46.
They are listed in [UK census, 1841] at 44 Hyde Place (now Hide Place), Westminster, London (see map). This is parish of St John The Evangelist, Middlesex.
George Aldis speculates that he may have worked on Palace of Westminster but no evidence of this.

Stone mason in Wales:
They moved to Wales, children born there 1846-47 and 1848.
He worked as a foreman mason on the Britannia Bridge (for the railway line) over the Menai Strait, Wales (construction was 1846 to 1850).
He is listed in the account of the project: [Clark, 1850] as one of 5 foremen of masons. He would have been responsible for a gang of about 100 men on site.
They were living London Road, Holyhead, NW Wales (see map) at Charles' bapt 1848.
George Aldis speculates that he may have worked at the Penmon quarry in Anglesey, which was used for the bridge project, but no firm evidence of this.

Youngest child born London 1850.
In 1851 census they were living Claydon, Suffolk.
George Aldis speculates that he may have worked on construction of the Mid Suffolk Light Railway but no evidence of this.
In 1861 census he was in Dover.
George Aldis speculates that he may have worked on construction of Dover harbour, but no evidence of this.
In 1871 census he was back in London, listed as "Stonemason", living 1 Bale St, Mile End, London. Bale Street is now gone but Bale Road survives (see map).

Eliza dies, 1877:
She died 1 Bale St, 30 Sept 1877, age 65 yrs, of bronchitis.
Charles is listed as "Stone Mason", living with his dau Caroline's family in London in 1881 census.

Charles dies in the workhouse, 1888:
He was living West Ham, London, at death.
He died 11 Oct 1888, age 79 yrs, in the West Ham workhouse, London.
It was an appalling thing to die in the workhouse. George Aldis says: "It seems inconceivable that [he] should have ended his days in this pitiful way. Presumably he became too ill for Caroline to continue looking after him; and in any case she had problems of her own, since she was now a widow herself". (Caroline was a widow with small children, even one born after her husband's death, and she had to go out to work as a cleaner to support them, and had to send her older children out to work too.)
Charles and Eliza had issue:

  1. Marianne Day,
    born less than 8 months after parents' marriage,
    bapt 27 Sept 1829, NOT 22 Sept, St.Clement's church, Bridge St, Cambridge (see map).

  2. Elizabeth Day,
    bapt 20 May 1832, Church of the Holy Sepulchre (the Round Church), Bridge St, Cambridge.

  3. John Day,
    born at East Road (leads to Newmarket Rd), Barnwell, E side of Cambridge,
    bapt 18 Sept 1836, church of St.Andrew the Less, E side of Cambridge,
    listed as "Learning mason trade" in 1851 census,
    mar 1866 to Elisa ---- and had issue:

    1. Frederick Day, born 1868, Bow, London.
    2. William Day, born 1873, Bow, London.
    3. Edward H. Day, born 1879, Bow, London.

  4. William Day,
    born 1838 (listed as age 3 in 1841 census), Cambridge.

  5. Sarah Day, born 26 Jan 1841, 44 Hyde Place, Westminster, London.

  6. Martha Day, born 1845 or 1846, Westminster, London,
    alive in 1861 census.

  7. Caroline Day,
    born 1846 or 1847, Bangor, NW Wales,
    she is described in 1851 census as having been born at Britannia Bridge,
    living with parents at 1 Bale Street, Mile End Old Town, at mar,
    mar 7 Feb 1870, Stepney, London, to George Hallandal [from next door] and had issue.

  8. Charles Day,
    bapt 25 Dec 1848, Holyhead, NW Wales (see bapt cert from here),
    at mar 1868 he is living Bale St, Mile End, London,
    mar 16 Aug 1868 [him age 19, her age 16 and pregnant], St.Dunstan's church, Stepney High Street, Stepney, London,
    to Mary Eliza Hammett [born 24 Apr 1852, bapt 25 July 1852, Church of Ireland, Youghal, Co.Cork, dau of John Hammett and Elizabeth Hanan],
    she was living St.Dunstan's Road, Mile End Old Town, at mar,
    in 1870 they were living Regent Road, Mile End Old Town, London,
    in 1871 census he is listed as "Stonemason", she is listed as "Seamstress",
    in 1871 census they are all separated (this may indicate that the marriage, which started with her pregnancy, was in difficulty),
    in 1871 census he is living with his parents at 1 Bale Street, Mile End Old Town, she is living with their son nearby at 43 Conway Terrace, Mile End Old Town, and their dau is living with her parents (also in Mile End Old Town),
    in 1881 census husband, wife and son are together, living 75 Emmott Street, Mile End Old Town, but dau still living with her grandmother,
    in 1881 census he is listed as "Stonemason", she is listed as "Tailoress",
    at death he is listed as "commercial traveller" of Norris Street, Hoxton Old Town, Shoreditch,
    he died 27 Mar 1888, Hoxton, London, of diphtheria, age 39 yrs,
    she fl 1895,
    had issue:

    1. Ada Day,
      Ada Louisa Day, born 9 Oct 1868, Anthony St, Tower Hamlets, London (see map),
      for some reason she is not with her mother and brother but rather is listed as living with her Hammett grandparents, at 87 St.Dunstan's Rd, Mile End Old Town, in census of 1871,
      living with her (widowed) Hammett grandmother at 24 Newbold Street, Mile End Old Town, in census 1881,
      living with her Hammett grandmother at 20 Dongola Street, Mile End Old Town, in census 1891, she is listed as "Tailoress",
      mar 23 Sept 1895, St.Paul, Bow Common, Stepney, to Charles Edward Slaven [a seaman, born 1856, Antigua, West Indies],
      in 1901 census they are living 354 Mile End Road, Stepney, he is listed as "Railway navvy", she is listed as "Tailoress"
      had issue:
      1. Edie M.E. Slaven (dau), born 1898, Stepney, alive in 1901 census.
      2. Daisy Slaven, born 1900, Stepney, alive in 1901 census.

    2. Charles John Day,
      born 10 Oct 1870, Mile End Old Town, London.

  9. Alfred Day,
    born Apr 1850, Stepney, London,
    listed as age 11 months in [UK census, 30 March 1851],
    wit sister Caroline's mar 1870.

Charles Day and family listed in 1841 census at Hyde Place, Westminster, London.
See full size.




St Clement's Church, Bridge St, Cambridge.
Marianne Day was bapt here in 1829.
Photo 2000. From Cambridge 2000. See terms of use.

The Round Church, Bridge St, Cambridge.
Elizabeth Day was bapt here in 1832.
Photo 2007. See full size.
From Holly Hayes of Sacred Destinations. See terms of use.
See more public domain images. Also here.

The Britannia Bridge, over the Menai Strait, Wales

See satellite view of the two bridges over the Menai Strait, NW Wales.

The original Britannia Bridge (rail only), just after construction in 1850.
From 1852 book.

The original Britannia Bridge (rail only) on an old postcard.
From here.

The Britannia Bridge today (road and rail) after re-building in 1972.
From here.
See more pictures

The Britannia Bridge today.
Screenshot from street view.

The Menai Suspension Bridge (the E bridge).
Screenshot from street view.

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