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My ancestors - Ebrill - Contents

Ebrill of Limerick city

Close-up of Ebrill stained glass window, Redemptorists church, Limerick city.
It is obscured here, but it actually says "EBRILL", not "EBRIL".
Photo 2006. Light adjusted digitally. See full size and original.

Origin of Ebrill

The family tradition is that the Ebrills were of Huguenot origin (Protestants from France fleeing persecution).
Though it looks like they raised the children below Catholic (i.e. they were Catholic pre-1805).

William Ebrill (bapt 1869) thought they were Huguenot.
Brian Ebrill's family thought they were possibly from the Brittany region. Charles S. Ebrill thought the Lyon region.
Felicity Ebrill said the family name had originally been d'Avril, and that her father Charles Ebrill had Protestant cousins.

Our line begins with:

John Ebrill, born 1780.
He was a feather, skin and wool merchant in Limerick.
[PAT/2, p.21] said he was "in good circumstances, he was a friend of the clergy and well-to-do".
He mar pre-1805 to Bridget Gould [born 1785 or 1786].
Can't find childrens' bapts in [St.Michael's, Limerick] or [St.John's, Limerick].
[PAT/2, p.21] said "his marriage was rendered unhappy because of his wife's terrible temper".
He might be "John Abrill" who is found in a list of voters in Limerick General Advertiser, 23 October 1812. (This would not necessarily mean he was Protestant. Wealthy Catholics had the vote at this time.)

[Pigot's directory, 1824] (also here) lists "John Abrill" of Mungret Street, Limerick, under "Feather and Skin Merchants". See entry.
[Slater's directory, 1846] lists John Ebrill of Mungret Street, Limerick, as a "worsted comber", also listed under "Wool Combers and Worsted Manufacturers".
[Griffiths Valuation, 1850] of Irishtown, St. John's par, Limerick, lists "John Ebril" or "John Ebriel" as occupying 3 properties himself:
  • Plot 18, Mungret St (right beside the Protestant Goulds), leased from the 2nd Earl of Stradbroke.
  • Plot 60, Mungret St, leased from Peter Arthur.
  • Plot 13, Old Francis St, leased from Rev. Richard Dickson.
It also lists him as leasing properties in Old Francis street, John's street, Cabbage Market lane (off John st.), Nicholas street, Brennan's Row, Dwyer's Lane, Cassidy's lane, and Garryowen, in all of which he had lodgers or sub-tenants in occupation.
[Griffiths Valuation, 1850] of the rest of St. John's par, Limerick, also lists him as leasing properties in Cassidy's lane, Killalee townland, in all of which he had sub-tenants in occupation.

John dies, 1854:
He died Mungret St, 25th Aug 1854, Limerick, age 74 yrs.
He was bur Ebrill family grave, Garryowen, Limerick city.
See death notice in Limerick Chronicle, 26 Aug 1854.
See death notice in Nenagh Guardian, 30 Aug 1854.

Bridget dies, 1861:
She died Mon 16 Sept 1861 [death notice], or 17th Sept [grave].
She died at her son's house, Mungret St, Limerick, age 76 yrs [death notice] or 75 yrs [grave].
She was bur Ebrill family grave, Garryowen.
See death notice in Limerick Chronicle, 18 Sept 1861.
There is an Ebrill stained glass window in the Redemptorists RC church, Limerick. (Redemptorists came to Limerick 1851, built temporary church, foundation stone of present church laid 1858, dedicated 1862.)
John is described as "merchant" at son William's mar 1864.
John and Bridget had issue:

  1. Stephen Ebrill, born 1805 (mother age 19 or 20),
    note "Stephen" seems to be a Gould family name,
    died 23rd Nov 1818, age 13 yrs [grave, Garryowen].
  2. Nell Ebrill,
    Ellen, eldest dau, and favourite of her father,
    born est c.1810.
    [PAT/2, p.21] says that when Nell was a girl, she was very fond of John Nevitt, a Protestant. "She would not listen to his proposals because she feared their meetings would be stopped" (i.e. Ebrills were Catholic by this stage). Then one of Nevitt's cousins fell in love with him. This cousin upset Nell with her stories about John and his flirtations, with the result that Nell was cold towards him when they next met. "John Nevitt was now easily led on by his cousin until he had committed himself too far to retreat so he left Limerick. The sad end of the romance was that Nell's father, not knowing that his own daughter's affections were in any way involved, was the person who journeyed to Dublin to make John Nevitt marry his cousin. Nell's heart was broken and she became very ill." She refused all offers of marriage.
    Then Patrick Pigott, a widower with young children, asked Nell to marry him. She was pressed to agree to this by her family. She was terribly sad, felt that he was so much older than she was and love did not enter into this at all. On way home from market she met him and he persuaded her to accept him.
    She mar 29 Nov 1832 [St John's, Limerick]
    to Patrick Pigott [born 1788] and had issue.
    [PAT/2, p.21] said "They were married in her father's house on the night of the terrible storm in 1844". However the mar is found in [St John's, Limerick] in 1832.
    He was age 44, she was age est c.22. They are listed as "Patrick Pigott" and "Ellen Ebriel".
    The mar was wit by "John Ebriel" and "Jno Lacy" (abbreviation for "John Lacy").
  3. William Ebrill,
    born 1818, Limerick, or poss. 1819,
    note "William" seems to be a Gould family name.

  4. Kate Ebrill, born est c.1820,
    Catherine, NOT Mary,
    mar 29 July 1841 [St.John's RC cathedral, Limerick] to Thomas Power and had issue.

  5. John Ebrill, born 1824,
    he and his brother William ran the family business, "William and John Ebrill", wool merchants, Mungret St,
    died at "Laurel Hill Cottage", Summerville, Limerick,
    died 17th July 1863, age 39 yrs [grave], [death notice],
    see death notice in Limerick Chronicle, 18 July 1863,
    bur Garryowen,
    the business was still being called "William and John Ebrill" decades after 1863.

  6. Mary Ebrill, born 1829 (mother age 43 or 44),
    died 18th Apr 1848, age 19 yrs [grave, Garryowen].

  7. 3 others, Ebrill, who died young [grave, Garryowen].
    One of whom is apparently Louis Ebrill [Ebrill family tree].

"John Abrill" listed at Mungret Street, Limerick, in [Pigot's directory, 1824].

Marriage of Nell Ebrill and Patrick Pigott, 29 Nov 1832 [St John's, Limerick].

Ebrill of Australia

Frankie Tormey says there was some scandal and a John Ebrill was sent away by his family (not by the state) to Australia, and was ancestor of Ebrill of New South Wales, Australia.

Other Ebrills of Limerick

Other Ebrills

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