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My wife's ancestors - Fitzwilliam - Contents

Thomas Fitzwilliam

An early 1500s wooden statue of "Our Lady of Dublin", preserved in the 19th century Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church, Dublin.
The statue is said to have been preserved from St. Mary's Abbey, Dublin after the dissolution of the monasteries in 1539. (Including the dissolution of the White Friars' (Carmelite) Monastery at this site.)
Photo 2011. See full size. From here.

Thomas Fitzwilliam,
born prob. 1465 ("came of age in 1486"),
of Dundrum, Bray, Baggotrath, Merrion and Thorn Castle, all in Co.Dublin,
the castles of Merrion, Thorncastle and Dundrum included the lands of Booterstown, Mount Merrion, Kilmacud, Ballinteer, Donnybrook, Ringsend, Irishtown and Sandymount,
mar Eleanor Dowdall,
lived at Baggotrath,
Sheriff of Dublin in 1511,
died 1517 [Ball, vol.2, 1903], age prob. 52 yrs,
[Burkes Extinct] and [Wilkinson, 1925] are wrong to say died 1529,
had issue:

  1. Richard Fitzwilliam,
    of Merrion, Baggotrath and Dundrum,
    born est c.1495, lived at Baggotrath,
    mar Catherine Bathe,
    supporter of his 1st cousin Garret Og Fitzgerald, 9th Earl of Kildare (Lord Deputy of Ireland 1513-18),
    when the 9th Earl was called to England in 1518, Fitzwilliam went with him,
    leased out Merrion 1519 when going to England for a time,
    died at Baggotrath 1528, when still a young man [Ball, vol.2, 1903],
    at death left bequest to the Church of Merrion,
    think [Burkes Extinct] is wrong to say he died 20th Dec 1541,
    bur White Friars' Monastery, Dublin (the Carmelite Monastery, also called St.Mary's Priory, not to be confused with St. Mary's Abbey),
    on his tomb in the Church of the White Friars he directed that a great marble stone should be laid with a brass engraved with representations of himself, his wife, and his children "after the custom of England" [Ball, vol.2, 1903],
    White Friars' Monastery was dissolved in 1539 and demolished 1541,
    the Monastery is entirely gone, the site was around modern Whitefriar St and Whitefriar Place, off Aungier St (see map),
    had issue:

    1. Sir Thomas Fitzwilliam, Kt, born c.1519.

    2. Michael Fitzwilliam, of Donamore, Co.Meath,
      mar Mary Preston and had issue:

      1. Elizabeth Fitzwilliam,
        mar Gerald Fitz-Gerald [unidentified, executed after rebellion].

    3. Katherine Fitzwilliam,
      mar John Cashell,
      living as widow at Baggotrath by 1568,
      died at Baggotrath 1574 (see BAGGOTRATH in [Ball, vol.2, 1903], which quotes her will).

  2. Sir William Fitzwilliam, born pre-1506,
    like his brother, went to England.

  3. Alison Fitzwilliam,
    mar 1524 to Christopher Ussher and had issue,
    by this marriage Donnybrook (then only lands, no castle) passed into the Ussher family,
    though the Fitzwilliams retained the profitable mill of Donnybrook.

Dublin around 1500

There is a beautiful model of Dublin around 1500 at Dublinia.

Model of Dublin around 1500. Looking from the N.
Dublin Castle on LHS.
Christ Church Cathedral in centre.
St.Audoen's church on RHS.
See full size.

White Friars' (Carmelite) Monastery (foreground) on the above model.
Burial place of Richard Fitzwilliam in 1528.
Dublin Castle in background.
See full size and other shot.

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