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My ancestors - Gould - Contents

Gould of Limerick city

The Catholic Goulds and the Protestant Goulds must be related

Bridget Gould below married John Ebrill, who had a wool business on Mungret St, Limerick. Their children were Catholic.

William Gould below was in the wool trade, also on Mungret St, Limerick. He would look certain to be a relation of Bridget Gould, except his children were Protestant.

Despite the religious difference, I think they are related - probably siblings. The proof is that William Gould's Protestant son-in-law William D. Wilkinson witnessed the Catholic marriage of Bridget Gould's son William Ebrill in Dublin in 1864. (Ebrill must be his wife's cousin.)

The Protestant William D. Wilkinson witnesses the Catholic marriage of what must be his wife's cousin William Ebrill in Dublin in 1864.
See full marriage cert.

The families were right beside each other on Mungret St, Limerick.
[Griffiths Valuation, 1850] shows that the Protestant Mary Anne Gould's business is at plot no.17, Mungret St, and (probably her uncle) the Catholic John Ebrill's business is right beside it at plot no.18, Mungret St.

Our (Catholic) Goulds

Our line starts with:

The Protestant Goulds

As explained above, the Protestant William Gould is probably the brother of the Catholic Bridget Gould.
Then Bridget Gould's son William Ebrill would be 1st cousin of William Gould's dau Mary Anne Gould (whose Protestant husband William D. Wilkinson witnessed William Ebrill's Catholic wedding in Dublin in 1864).

[Pigot's directory, 1824] shows both the William Gould and John Ebrill businesses in Mungret Street, Limerick.

Other Goulds of Limerick (male)

Other Goulds of Limerick (female)


Goold of Co.Limerick

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